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SPL - Event 3
SPL - Event 3
06.08.2011 - 07.08.2011
Planet Paintball - Port Elizabeth


2011 promises to be an even better year for the SPL. We have decided to expand to 4 events over the year, all being held in Port Elizabeth at Planet Paintball as usual. We also understand the need to evolve with the times - players have added economical burdens and we've decided to make certain changes to the format, which we feel will help grow the competitive scene in South Africa. The main focus of these changes is to keep costs for the players as low as possible, but still provide a competitive format. The following are some changes to the Xball format we use:

Race to 2 format... match play time will be 5mins with 3mins turnaround time.
Game outcome will now also be determined by body count, rather than just by touching the opposing starting block.
Any tied games/matches will be determined by a 1min Sudden Death game (body count again coming into account at the end)
Time Penalty Box. Penalties will now become 30sec time penalties in the box at the start of the next game. 1 for 1 will result in 1 player getting 30sec penalty, 2 for 1's will result in 2 players, 3 for 1's result in 3 players etc. This penalty will take place in the next game of the match, or first game of the following match.
Paint limit of 12 pods per team per game. Teams may decide who carries how many, but the team as a whole may only carry 12 industry standard size pods (140-160 balls per pod). The aim of this rule is to ensure teams don't run up excessive paint usage in stale games.
1 Point will be awarded to the winning team of each match. A bonus 1/2 Point will also be added should the team win the match without conceding a game to the opposing team.

3man Mechanical Format:

Teams will now play against each other in a match consisting of 2 games. Each game will be a maximum of 3 mins, with a turnaround time of 1min 30sec. Teams will be awarded 1 point for each individual GAME they win. Should they win both games in the match, they will receive 1 bonus point.

Dates for 2011:
19/20 March
28/29 May
6/7 August
8/9 October

Entry fees will be as follows:
5-Man XBall - R1000 per team of 5, plus R100 per additional player
3-Man Mechanical - R100 per player
5-Man Bushball - R600 per team (5 players + 1 reserve permitted)

As with 2010, players can look forward to some really awesome prizes including Trophies, Medals and over R20k in lucky draw prizes at each event.

The SPL also welcomes all supplier's trade and tech stands at our events in return for a product contribution to the lucky draw prizes. Should you wish
to have a stand at one of the SPL events, kindly contact us to arrange everything.


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The telephone number is +27413640549

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