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Revolution Paintball Wars
11.11.2011 - 13.11.2011


Event Name: Revolution Paintball Wars - Bush warefare

Event date: 11 - 13 November 2011

Event edition: Once off

Event or league logo: has been attatched

Venue name and full address: Nyamazane Game Ranch - Izingolweni Kwa-zulu Natal

Venue logo and website address:

We are promoting an exciting unique bush warfare paintball challenge. The tournament will be kept as realistic and true to the army bushveld experience as possible within the natural environment.

The challenge will be held over the weekend of the 11th, 12th and 13th of November where contestants will arrive on the Friday night and camp. The players will start playing on Saturday morning at 5am till 2pm on Sunday afternoon. Yup an all nighter… players will be allowed to sleep where ever they please whether it be back at base or out in the wilderness.

The location that we will use is to be a piece of farm land hosted by Nyamazane Game Ranch 35km inland from Port Shepstone. The field of play is 300 acres of undisturbed farm land home to game life, two rivers, two dams, and every type of terrain available. Have a look at the images posted for a map of the playing area. The Game ranch can be found on Google at the following link, Google Maps.

A command and conquer game will be played where players will be split into two teams (Alpha Tactical and Soviet Demolition).

The Game will start with each side being given control of half of the field, with each half containing several strategic areas that must be defended from capture or bombings. These areas will include the HQs, an ammo dump, a villages/ POW camps, and or communication towers. The object of the game scenarios will range from controlling the HQ’s and communication sites for a period of time, bombing ammos and rescuing POW’s. Props are going to be used to provide movable objectives for special mission recovery and bombings.

There will be a small 3rd rouge  force of unknown players who will be in the field to act independently from the two other teams with their own secret missions. Players will be allowed to respawn at designated hospitals if they are shot after a penalty period of 30 minutes. There will also be medics assigned to teams who will make the game a bit more interesting.

There will be a command structure. How the teams decide on this will be up to them but there will have to be a commander, 8 sergeants, 8 Officers, 6 medics and 4 engineers per side. These players will be easily distinguished by their rank insignia (epaulettes). Players will have the whole of Friday night to determine this and report the selections to the Game leader where they will receive their rank insignia.

There will be a number of sheds where players will be allowed to sleep on the Friday night where teams will be kept together so that they may get to know each other and determine a hierarchy. Unfortunately there are no showers and players will have to bathe in the rivers and dams. There will be toilets at the HQ’s. On the Saturday night players may sleep where ever they like within the playing area.

There will be wors rolls and hamburgers for sale at the teams HQ’s but players are urged to bring their own food especially if they don’t want to keep on having to return to base for food. There will be designated fire areas where players will be allowed to braai at the HQ’s, unfortunately due to the risk of a fire, fires will not be allowed outside of these designated areas. There are a number of water points throughout the farm and there are a number of natural springs where the water is drinkable, giving the players plenty of places to hydrate. Once again it won’t be a bad idea to bring water bottles so players won’t keep on having to return to these when thirsty.

There will be pro shops which can be found at the ammo dumps where paint, gas and other goods can be purchased to repair markers and markers can be repaired by experts. The retailers / pro shops are all fully equipped and are reliable as they all have good reputations within the KZN paintballing community. 

Players will arrive from 3 pm to 7 pm on Friday after noon where upon entering the premises they will be expected to sign indemnity forms and guns will be chrono’d. Stickers will be placed over the adjusters to stop people from adjusting this. There will also be chrono’s available at the pro shops where players will be able to reset their guns if need be without penalty. Selected marshals will also carry chrono’s and will test at random throughout the tournament. 

 There will be no limit to the amount of ammo players will be allowed to use, and players will be allowed to carry as many markers as they like. Markers may be set on whatever setting  (Full/Semi-auto). Players may use hand grenades, land mines, and smoke grenades however these will need to be approved by marshals and the game leader on entering the farm. No flash bangs will be permitted.

All in all get ready for a paintball game of a life time!

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