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SARPL - Event 3
SARPL - Event 3
26.06.2011 - 26.06.2011
Nova Paintball - Pretoria, West
3 man



The RPL is a League that was created around the essence of paintball, getting together with friends who enjoy the sport for all the excitement, fun and fellowship that it is. The RPL USA was founded and now steered by Shawn Walker, previously of the NPPL USA, and is the fastest growing league in the USA. Nova Paintball made contact with the RPL early 2009 and have been in discussions to help expand the RPL internationally, and has officially taken the step by expanding to South Africa. The RPL South Africa follows the same mission and vision as our USA counterpart and also promote the playing of paintball, be it bushball or speedball in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment, always upholding the basic foundations of sportsmanship and fair play.

Each RPL tournament is run as it's own event, and teams play to earn points at each event culminating in a final played at the end of the season. At each event, players in the top positions also earn medals for their achievement and at the end of year final the winning team over all will win the RPL Trophy for that year. All Prizes supplied by sponsors or supporters are handed out on a random or raffle basis to any registered players that are present. This is to discourage any cheating, harsh or foul play. An award is also given at the end of the year for the team or player that displayed the best sportsmanship during a given season.

The RPL is about growing paintball and making it attractive to both old and newcomers of the sport be it speedball or bushball. Although it's a new league, it's growing fast and we hope, thats a big "HOPE" to be in a position to offer players in South Africa the same quality of tournament they would experience playing international tournaments, eventually offering the same technology and services that has come to be the norm overseas. One step at a time...

The RPL South Africa is currently supported by:

  1. Money Paintball USA
  2. Tippmann Sports USA
  3. Furious Paintball USA
  4. Guerilla Air USA
  5. The Woods Paintball
  6. Nova Paintball
  7. The PaintballShop Centurion
  8. Planet Eclipse
Grow Paintball!


Nova Paintball
Nova Paintball   -   Website
Tshwane Events Centre, Soutter Street
Pretoria, West
Country: za


Nova Paintball is a professional paintball facility located inside the Tshwane Events Centre (Previously called Pretoria Showgrounds) in Pretoria, catering to both Speedball and Bushball Styles of paintball.

Our Current fields include 1 x Training Field, 1 x Tournament Speedball Field with viewing deck, 1 x Villageball Field, with two more fields on the way.

We are also host to the fast growing Regional Paintball League (RPL) South Africa, a USA based paintball league which is rapidly gaining popularity.

If you are looking for a relaxed and friendly environment to enjoy your day out playing paintball, come and visit Nova Paintball.

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