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  • Check Point Charlie (UK) 1st and 2nd September.

    Click below for the teaser video :-)

  • EMEK? Jack Wood explains.
    As we're about to launch the awesome EMEK into the Planet Eclipse lineup of markers, our friends in Germany at Paintball.De grilled Jack Wood to find out more about it.

    So we decided to steal the interview and post it here too. After all, Jack is OUR property.

    And don't panic, the interview is in English.


    You’re known for creating high-end markers that are beautiful, super-reliable and have industry-leading support. So why the decision to make a field marker?
    Well we have been asked for years and years by our sales guys to produce a good, reliable field rental marker. But we never felt we had the ability to produce something with the same level of quality that we demand from our products at a price that the Paintball parks would be willing to pay. But with the method of construction we used for Etha2, and then the technology we employed for Gmek, combined we could make a very very reliable, very high quality, amazing shooting marker for a price close to that of other field rental markers. It was basically just having all the pieces of the puzzle to make a product we were happy putting the Eclipse name on.

    Do you think it is important to have good quality and reliable equipment for those experiencing paintball for the first time, in order for the industry to be competitive with other sports and hobbies?
    100%!! I think this is the most important thing we can do to help the sport. The more I looked into the rental market for our marker, the more I realised that players coming for the first time to play paintball very rarely get a good experience. I started watching some videos posted by famous YouTubers of their first paintball experiences. they want to go there and have a good time. They look forward to it for weeks before. But then they arrive and all the equipment is dirty or broken and then their marker doesn't work during the first game. First of all, that person is not having a good time. He isn't going to go back. Then they will...

  • Norwegians on adventures in Greece

    This summer Team Fight Back Design packed our bags once again to go south. More specifically to Thessaloniki in Greece for Anthrax Tropical Bootcamp and Med Cup. This event is a weeklong experience of sun, beach, friends and paintball.
    This year it was a mixed crowd of Germans, Norwegians, Netherlands, Bulgarians, American, Malaysian Turkish and Greek players.
    From Tuesday to Friday, we lived in bungalows at the beach. We could choose between the different activities and there was something for everyone. Don’t let the term Boot Camp scare you. Most of the classes this year was theoretical or low physical intensity so we would be well rested and prepared for the tournament.

    The classes were a variety of fitness, nutrition and stretching, combined with some relaxing yoga and workshops for improving your everyday physical condition. There were something for everyone, not just paintball players. Inspiring professional trainers taught every class.
    There were also some cool competitions and smaller adventures thrown into the mix. As well as some bigger organized trips. We spent the first day beach hopping in beautiful locations with some classes taught at the beach. Before we headed home, everybody faced off to see who would win the swimming race. The winner got the Master Dolphin Badge. We just fell short and ended up with 2nd, 3rd and 4thplace.

    Day 2 we had a great canoe trip along the beach. Luckily it was a “no previous experience needed” trip since a lot of us were rookies in the sea. After a while, it was time for the Master Paddler competition. Again, we just fell short; 2nd place!

    In the evening, we played a soft version of American football. Our team already had some injuries so we tried to take it easy. However, when people get excited they forget about injuries so of course one of our player picked up a hamstring injury! Another injury on the team was a major blow; luckily, it still was a few days before the tournament. At least we were on the winning team this time. We got the 1st place Master of Sports Badge!

  • Intercepted Turks Comms Chatter!!

    The Turks have been around for years, I mean YEARS !! Forming in 1987.

    When Supair took over the scene the Turk sort of went into hibernation until the woodland scene started up again.

    The Turks were a force to be reckoned with in the early days winning several big titles including Mayhem Master in 1992 and 3 Campaign Cup titles in 1991, 1992 and 1994 and staying at the top of there game for many years with their 'Unique' brand of Paintball. If you know them, you know.... Lets just say that they are called the Turks because they all used to drink in a pub called the Turks Head !

    Anyway... Enough of that. We intercepted an internal team message that made us smile so we thought we would share with the World. This is a breakdown of the Turks (antics) at round 3 of the UK's Woodland Pro Tour:


    Written by: Ollie Widdowson

    So in lieu of Mel’s usual next day debrief I have volunteered to write up this little report as to yesterday’s activities and I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that I have large shoes to fill. So Mel, I hope I can at least match up to your literary genius.
    Now as we are all aware the general team attitude towards round 3 of the Pro Tour was sceptical at best, unsurprising really considering the farce that was round 2. Following the revelation that the whole tournament was to be played on one field the attitude soured even more and there was talk of us not attending the event at all. However, Darron then phoned Matt and gave him 20 minutes of solid abuse and his response email was so appallingly apologetic that we felt honour bound to attend the event, you know, as we’re “true gents”.
    Now I’m pleased to report that, despite our misgivings, the staff running the event actually pulled it out of the bag and put on a bloody good event. The games were run like clockwork and even though we had some long waits between games it went quickly and that was all down to the efficiency of the event crew and refs. The reffing, though fair, wasn’t particularly awe inspiring as some games only had 4 refs present and few of...

  • Mechanical Masters UK - 11th August 2018

    The Mech revival has certainly taken hold in the United States but not so much in the UK. Why is that? Is the Mech scene in the UK too small to ping on the radar? Are players scared to get back out and play again? Are the current crop of Mech players old and grumpy? Is there nothing for the Mech guys to get there teeth into?

    If you’re in the UK and fancy playing a Mech event (or Electro’s capped at 5.5bps) then here is your chance. Played in the Woods and the EPIC Hyperball field at Skirmish Nottingham.

    If you want to get involved with a team or even on your own then email:

    What you waiting for???

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