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  • Update. Sync. Play.

    The CS2 rocks. We all know this and it continues to do so, but we've made a few changes that make the CS2 even better.

    First, we've updated the Firmware on BOTH boards. This means that your CS2 (once you've updated it) will be able to connect to our new E-Portal Lite App (available NOW in the App Store), so you can customise your marker settings from your iPhone. Cool right?

    Secondly, the Firmware update reconfigures your Bluetooth module so that it will connect to the latest Virtue Spire IV iFI Technology™ which is great news for all CS2 and Spire IV owners.

    Simply follow these steps to make the most of your CS2 + SpireIV partnership.

    1: Update BOTH CS2 boards to the latest 1.50 Firmware using E-Portal 4.
    2: Do a Factory Reset of your CS2 via your LCD screen to reconfigure your Bluetooth module.
    3: Enable Bluetooth on your CS2.
    4: With your CS2 ON, hold down the bottom button on your Spire IV.
    5: Power up the Spire IV.
    6: When the light turns green, release the bottom button.

    Go and play!

    If you have any issues run through the steps again, just in case. The most notable being that you MUST update your Firmware using E-Portal 4.

    For any other problems head over to our Eclipse Tech Hub and ask for our help.


  • Making Moves #02 - featuring Stoke Quest

    After a kick ass start to their 2020 campaign in D1, Stoke Quest were coming in to Round 2 as the in-form team with one goal. Victory and promotion to the Elite Division for 2021.

    Let's follow their story.

    Making Moves #02 - Featuring Stoke Quest.

    After a successful Round 1 at the CPPS going 5-0, Stoke Quest would now embark on the next stage of their journey to Elite. CPPS Round 2, Sunday 20th September 2020. An initial hurdle was a smaller squad size due to some player's other life commitments. Chris Milne, Tom Davies, Chris Parsons, Callum Howe, Henry Johnson and Guy Wakefield made the team's full roster of 6. Jim Williams and Andy Gill in a joint effort took on the role of 'Coach'. Finally, not leaving out Caitlin Cross, supporting with pit duties.

    Round 2 would see Quest face up against 2 different teams for this event in the Form of SAD U.K. and Sandbaggers Black, as well as 3 teams who they have played previously at Round 1 being Thunderducks, Sandstorm and Underdogz.

    The day started off early for Quest in the first set of the event against the highly experienced Sandstorm. Quest started off well with some aggressive bag play from Henry Johnson taking the first point. Quest then kept the momentum going by taking the next point leading to a 2-0 lead however, the old timers experience helped them pull back a point making it 2-1. Quest then responded scoring another 3 unanswered points ending the game 5 - 1 with a mercy victory. Callum Howe showed from the off, today was going to be a good day for him, making several calculated moves to swing 50/50 situations, into Quest's favour.Fresh off their first win, the next match-up would see Quest face against the Planet Eclipse factory team Sandbaggers Black. Sandbaggers also had a few big names in their roster for this event. Tommy Webb of the well established elite team ONE41 Jaguars and Andrew Steele formally of the Lucky 15s who’s Millennium series SPL experience would surely be an issue for Quest. The first 2 points played out equally similar, long and hard fought, yet both won by Quest. 2-0 up and not a mass of time left on the clock, Quest sat back to try...


    At Planet HQ we love the club structure. It just make so much sense when it comes to Paintball teams, coaching and player development if done right. in the UK we have two great examples Warped and SaD.. I'm sure there are more around the World, let us know if you are a member of one.... One such club is RNPPC out of France...

    Created in 2014 with a single objective: to train players under 16 in the practice of paintball (using 50cal Paintballs).. fast forward to today where RNPPC have 4 teams in the U16 League but also in Div 3 and Div 1 shooting 68cal. The RNPPC Div 1 squad has an average age of 25 and the Div 3 just 17 years of age!!

    RNPPC have over 60 members in the club, including 30 children under the age of 16.

    RNPPC have been crowned French Champions twice and 3 times of Ile de France in U16 and last year 2nd in Div2 which opened the door to division 1.

    The season has started in France but as with everything Team Covid is dominating the frustrating the teams. But RNPPC are pushing forward and are looking at having 75 members by the end of 2020. They have even have an 8 to 12 Year old sqaud with 15 players and have recently introduced a MagFed Scenerio team to the RNPPC ranks.

    The RNPPC web site, is now up and contains videos and articles( in English too).

    Check out this cool video about RNPPC:

    If you want to learn more about the RNPPC or even join them then click on the link above and get in touch and join the RNPPC Family.

  • Tech Bulletin - LV1.6 LPR Reg Seal Issue

    At Eclipse we pride ourselves on the reliability of our products and making sure that any marker that a customer receives is as close to perfection as possible. Every single marker, from Emek to CS2 Pro goes through multiple QC checks throughout its build, culminating in a firing test over a chronograph to check for leaks, function and velocity. This has always been our way and always will be.

    Unfortunately sometimes things catch us by surprise. Often things that do not show up in testing, but only manifest themselves once the marker is with its new owner. And unfortunately we find ourselves in this very rare situation just now.

    During the first batch of LV1.6 that were produced, a number of LPR regulator seals were used that had been previously condemned. Unfortunately these seals can fail prematurely, leading to over-pressurizing of the LPR regulator, with the result being a marker that does not feel and shoot like an LV1.6 should.

    After discovering the issue we immediately put in place additional procedures in production to check for faulty seals and arranged for a stock of replacement LPR adjusters to be distributed to key tech hubs and service centres in order to support customers that may suffer failures in their new markers. As such, all LV1.6’s that have left the factory in the last 6 weeks have been 100% checked to ensure they have the correct seal, and all major service centres now have stock of replacement parts which you can get Free of Charge. 

    Checking your own seal is relatively easy. You can use the instructional video found HERE to get access to the LPR seal and inspect it. The LPR Regulator Seal can clearly be seen at around the 3:00 minute mark. If you are not confident doing this yourself, please visit a Planet Eclipse service centre or speak to a Planet Eclipse tech attending an event near you.

    A simple way to check the integrity of your seal is to use your thumb nail and press it against the seal. If the seal cuts easily with your thumb nail, or comes apart, you will need a replacement. If your thumb nail just leaves a faint witness mark in the seal but does not cut into it, then...

  • Making Moves #01 - featuring Stoke Quest

    Eclipse Factory, Team Stoke Quest, are a young and progressive team run by the experienced Andy Gill, who knows his stuff; he's been running Stoke Quest teams for many years. His latest Quest team have been smashing their way through the Divisions and really found their form in D2 last year. Their performance in D2 and their subsequent title gave them the belief that they really could make a move for that Elite spot in 2021.

    Their jump up to D1 for the 2020 season has been an odd one, due to the Covid-19 situation, but it's worked out well for them. The shorter season (3 events) means they can train hard, attack each event hard and ready themselves for a potential Elite Debut in 2021.

    So what's it like being a paintball team working your way through the CPPS divisional ranks with your hearts set on the Elite Division? We asked them to document their 2020 season, starting at the beginning. Event 1.

    So here's #1 of our Making Moves blog series - featuring Stoke Quest.

    Round 1 of CPPS 2020 would see Stoke Quest debut in division 1 fresh off their division 2 title win in 2019. With 2 new pickups in the form of Guy Wakefield and Henry Johnson, both formally of SAD as well as getting Lucky 15s pro player James Green on board to coach and steady the ship to help quest make that jump to elite. As well as extra fire power on the roster Stoke Quest also signed an official Planet Eclipse sponsorship deal to shoot Team Custom CS2 Pro markers, as well as the already existing GI sports kit deal. 

    © Matt Gee

    The day started against with an unknown entity to Quest, London Thunderducks, who have been on the cusp of promotion into elite for at least 3 years, so if anyone was going to stop Quest in their path to Elite for 2021 it was going to be them. The first point started quickly with Ducks forcing a penalty upon Quest pulling the bag side. The next point was much the same with another major penalty causing Ducks to take another point and go 2-0 up against Quest. This isn’t how Quest wanted to spend their first game in division 1. But Quest then finally found some energy and scored 3 unanswered...

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