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  • Beira-Mar :5th Event EXPL- Spanish National League

    For the 5th time this season, we, Beira-Mar Gold and Silver, drove 500 km east to Madrid, to fight on the 5th and final stage of the Spanish EXPL.

    We arrived at the field bright and early on Saturday, so that a few of us could play the usual 3vs3 tournament before Sunday. This allowed us to familiarize a little bit more with the layout. We won the 3-man and finished 1st in the overall season rankings.

    On Sunday, we were pretty confident in ourselves. We were currently in first place in the seasons ranking with a comfortably distanced from the second placed team. But this didn’t mean that we would slow our game. We tried to keep the same intensity we have been playing with all year.

    We played 4 matches on the prelims: The first, and the third (Salvajes and Woodpeckers), we played strong, and controlled during most of the entire game. We pulled out a 5-1 victory on both teams.

    The second and fourth games were disputed against Chiclana Paintball and Arca U.E Gandia. Heading to field on these matches, we did realize that we needed to play a more steady paintball comparing with the other teams of the prelims. Even though we were conscious of this, we did lose focus on a few points, and complicated the game beyond what was expected. We ended up taking the win on both of these toe and toe matches (5-4, 3-2).

    With our 4 out of 4 wins, we reached to the finals ranked number 1. The semi final we entered the field alongside one of our rivals of this tournament: Imperial Army. This to, was a hard match with some pretty long points. On the final point of this match, the score board registered a 2-1 lead in our favor with less than one minute on the clock.  We entered the field with only 3 players due to a penalty on the previous point. We stood our grounds, and were able to run out the clock with no point. We advanced to final match with a 2-1 hard victory.

    The final was against another...

  • Black Ops Extreme XX: Cousins, New Jersey, 19th November

  • NXL World Cup 2017: Pre Event catch up with Edmonton Impact's Bart Yachimec
    Welcome to the second of our pre / post event interviews with a designated Eclipse Pro team. This series of posts is a two-part deal. A pre-event interview followed by a Post Event interview. Which is risky. A team can have all the enthusiasm and plans in the world leading into an event but if they get an ass whupping then the post-event interviews can be a little awkward. But we think it's good to see both sides of the coin.

    As the NXL World Cup grows closer it's a no-brainer as to who we should feature. Last year's Cup winners and the team everyone wants to beat, Edmonton Impact.

    We contacted Impact's owner and coach, Bart Yachimec (and his lovely wife Jo), and hit him with a fistful (or three) of questions, to find out a little more about where their heads are it as the game timer ticks down.

    We like the Impact boys so thought we'd try to get some insight into the stuff we don't see which we managed to do, so thanks for this Bart.

    Anyway, here we go.

    After (finally) winning Cup last year have you relaxed and taken each event as they come or has the World Cup been in the back of your mind all season?
    A bit of both. We really only look at one event at a time and even one game at a time to even one point at a time. If you think too far ahead you can miss what's happening in front of you and that can get you in trouble. It's like Golf, one Swing at a time.

    © Fava Photography

    That's cool but I guess what we REALLY wanna know is: Has scratching the itch made it go away or is it even itchier?
    Ok. I would say it's even itchier. I mean we have a lot of talent but the challenge now is keeping it all together so we can win the World Cup again. For a back-to-back win.

    Speaking of winning, you won the final Millennium Series title EVER this year, so nobody can take that from you now. Must feel good, winning back-to-back titles?
    Millennium has been a special series for us because we have now been playing it for many...

  • NXL Chicago: Post Event chat with Carl 'Microwave' Markowski
    Prior to the NXL Chicago event we decided to grab some time with Chicago Aftershock's Carl Markowski to find out where he, and the team, where at mentally and collectively.

    They played good, but still didn't quite get the results they wanted. So we hit up Carl again for a post-event catch up to find out a little more about the before-and-after situation.

    Image © IM2 Studios

    Hey Carl, how are things man? So, Chicago. It didn’t go the way you guys had anticipated. But it wasn’t a total disaster though right?

    You started out strong, dishing out an 8-1 mercy win against Boom who have shown a lot of potential this year. How did it feel opening the event which such a big win?
    It felt great! The team played with confidence and poise, which we knew we had the capability of doing. We just needed that to fall over into the following games.

    Image © IM2 Studios 
    Image © IM2 Studios

    That’s the Shock way isn’t it? To take the upper hand and keep going until the bell rings.
    Keeping the pressure on is a must with Shock. I feel that we are at our best when we put the pressure on initially.

    Does this approach hurt the team when the upper hand is lost, or when games are slow or close?
    I don’t think so. Paintball is funny in that the upper hand sometimes falls onto the team that looks like their backs are against the wall.

    Is this what happened against Dynasty? You were in a 3-3 match against the team that’s pretty much the antithesis of Aftershock. They have a habit of pulling wins out of the jaws of defeat don’t they?
    The Dynasty match was a back and forth battle for sure. When it was going into the overtime point all that I had on my mind was my job and the confidence that I have in my teammates. You can never let the moment get away from you otherwise you won’t be able to focus like you should be.

    Do you think if you’d...

  • 5.5 BPS? No problem!
    The 2018 NXL World Cup is almost here and it's lined up to be a pretty exciting event, but more on that in other posts.

    For now we wanna touch on the introduction of the 'Classic / Retro Division' this year that brings with it a BPS limit of 5.5.

    Our tech guys have put together for following information to help you bring your marker in-line with these regulations so that you can compete 'legally' and have some fun.

    The following will enable you to configure our latest markers to comply with the rules -

    Ego 10 to LV1.5 and Geo SL91 to CS1.5 currently meet the requirements of this format. In order to make them legal you simply:

    Select the SEMI 15 Preset (Alternatively Set the FIRE MODE to SEMI and the ROF CAP to ON)
    Set the BS ON ROF to 5.5bps
    Set the BS OFF ROF to 5.5bps

    Currently our older markers are deemed ILLEGAL, such as:
    Ego line - Ego9 and older models
    Geo line - Geo1
    Etek line
    Etha line

    So why are some markers illegal?

    The problem is with the Fault ROF (the ROF when the eyes default). Even though the Capped ROF and the BS Off ROF can be set to a legal limit of 5.5bps, the Fault ROF is GREATER than 5.5bps. This Fault ROF setting is hard-coded in the firmware and can't be altered by the user. This issue can only be detected by a player/ref if the eyes go into default mode. However the marker is still illegal. The user could switch the eyes off and set the BS OFF ROF to 5.5bps and the marker would never default to the Fault ROF, however the marker would still be classified as illegal.

    So what have we done about this?

    We've created a new version of firmware for the Etek5 and Gtek/160R markers which can be flashed by an Eclipse (staff) Tech at the NXL World Cup. We have no plans to create any new firmware for any other markers at this time unfortunately, but if you bring your Etek5 or Gtek/160R to our Planet Eclipse trade stand at World Cup one of our techs will set this up for you, for free.

    The new...

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