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  • Are you winding me up?

    Now that CF20 mags are hitting the stores around the World we have heard a few people saying that the winding up of mag isn’t easy. Well, firstly always make sure that the top mag roller shutter door is OPEN when you wind the CF20 mag up that will make it a lot easier. Second, you can always use a 1/8" Allen key (velocity key) to wind up the mag and if that’s not good enough here are a couple of other solutions you might like. have prototype winders in stock and are very inexpensive. Simple easy wind up tool: CLICK HERE

    We also designed one here for winding up the test mags over and over again and had it 3D printed. A little on the over engineered side but does a great job of winding up in seconds. We have uploaded this ‘crank’ design for people to download (for free) and to 3D print if they would like. We recommend printing in nylon using an SLS or MJF 3D printer.

    Crank style magazine winder for the Planet Eclipse CF20 magazine. Comprises of three parts (Handle, Arm & Plate) that can be 3D printed, also requires one 013 & 017 O-ring for assembly.

    Full Assembly

    Individual parts




    We are sure more people will make cool stuff, but here are a couple to get you going.

    Check out the CF20 update video below to see these winders in use and also to get some CF20 hints and tips.

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • Fantastique paintball news from France.

    Something very cool happened in France recently, which impacted us not only as a business, but more importantly it impacted paintball as a sport. One of the young players on team RNPPC was awarded support from the Municipal Sport Department. Not only is this just a cool thing to happen to Julien (the player) but it's even cooler that they, as a body, recognised and rewarded someone within paintball. AND they gave him a CS2 Pro to help him out.

    Photo: DJSysko

    We asked our friends at Camp Paintball (France) for some more details.

    First of all, The Municipal Sport Department is in charge of all sports matters, so they're a pretty big deal and there is usually 1 Municipal Sport Department in each Hometown.

    This specific organisational structure consults, coordinates, supports and encourages sport within cities.

    On a regular basis they choose a sports club, or sometimes athletes, and form a partnership with them in order to support their commitment within sports. To do this, they carefully study each case submitted and pick only the best and/or most promising cases they have in hand.

    In Julien’s case, he was chosen based on his results as player with his team RNPPC, his rostering on U16 French National Team and his commitment within paintball as a sport.

    The Municipal Sport Department chose to support Julien by offering him the best tool (marker) to help him to improve and be more effective in his sport.

    Photo: DJSysko

    Julien explained that the CS2 Pro from Planet Eclipse was the gun he was dreaming and aiming to own that would help him to compete at the highest level. Like in Formula 1, you need the best tools/technologies/Brands to power yourself to success on the field.

    The Video (see link below) is obviously in French, but what the official of the Municipal Sport Department are saying is that despite the fact that the Pandemic has nearly shut down all competitions and sports activities, Julien has shown an athlete's mind by still training hard. Since training and being efficient involves costs, especially in Paintball, it has been a pleasure for the...

  • You won't believe what we found at PE HQ 😲

    Sorry, we couldn't resist the dumb click-baity title (we hate them with a passion) but it's true. We had a big clean up at Planet Eclipse HQ and genuinely found something incredible. Two things in fact!

    We’ve all found something cool when cleaning behind the sofa. A boiled sweet, a coin, maybe even a fiver but we were astounded by what we found during a lockdown clean up. 

    Ledz and the guys decided to clear out the forgotten corners at Planet Eclipse HQ and found not one, but TWO RAW GSLs that had somehow slipped the net. Some of the guys wanted to keep them, others wanted to hide them but we decided to do something special with them. So we sent them over to Arc Anodising in the USA to create two very special one-offs.

    One is a vintaged-rust-high-gloss hybrid which is stunning and the other looks like our classic Aurora finish. Both are truly incredible markers that will be a welcome addition to anyone’s collection AND will be more than up to the job of ripping things up on the field.

    And… they both have a GSL keyring… STILL in their baggies.

    Both have been fully rebuilt in-house and will leave Planet Eclipse HQ in the same condition as any other brand new high-end marker.

    Check out the links on eBay here (USA-Only) and enjoy.

    Borealis (kinda like Aurora - ish):
    eBay USA Link

    Rust (but super shiny):
    eBay USA Link

  • CF20 Mag – Important Announcement!

     CF20 Mag – Important Announcement!


    After 18 months of design, testing and even more testing we finally released the first production batch of our CF20 Magazines into the wild this past weekend, with the UK being the first market to use them in anger.

    Unfortunately, we have been made aware of an issue that resulted in the failure of a single part within the magazine for one customer. To some, the news of a single failure wouldn’t be an issue, you just send them a replacement part. But for us, any failure is a big deal. We design and manufacture our products to work as they should, to stay the course, and to be the very best on the market because ultimately WE also want to use these products. If a product fails our customers, we believe we fail as a brand.

    R&D have been analysing the part in question and have identified the problem.  We are currently arranging a replacement part to be manufactured, which will be replaced in all retail units as quickly as physically possible. 

    We apologise for the delay on this product and will try our very best to get this product in your hands as soon as we possibly can.

    We know what it's like to be excited about a kick-ass product only for it to be delayed, so for this we can only apologise.

    If you have already received your CF20 Mags then please contact the store you purchased them from for more information.

    Thanks again for your loyalty and patience as always, we truly appreciate it.


    Planet Eclipse.

  • BLiNdS1De7 + EMF100 + CF20 = LETHAL !!!

    Check out the latest video from BLiNdS1De7. The guy has some serious skills and is a great shot...

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