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  • ⚠️ May - Covid-19 Update ⚠️
    Planet Eclipse May Covid-19 Shipping Update.

    Over the last few days the number of messages we have received asking about production schedules and the delivery of certain products has increased. Below is our current situation, so people Worldwide will know where we are up to, and what is happening.

    Planet Eclipse Offices.
    Our US Office has remained open with a slightly reduced staff, so orders of current stock are still being processed. Our UK Office, where the production of high end product is performed (such as the CS2, GEO4 and LV1.6) has started to bring in a few production staff, but it is still very much under staffed. Our German Office is now back up and running and their walk-in store is open again. The German on-line store is up and running but the USA and UK on-line stores will remain closed, so we can focus on supplying our valuable global dealer network.

    You can find your local Eclipse Dealer here: Planet Eclipse Dealer Locator

    If only it was as easy as turning up to work and start building; we could get markers out of the door. But it's not that easy. Several members of our production staff have small children and with child care facilities and schools still being closed they have no choice but to stay at home. This is the exact same problem that some of our suppliers have, with the anodisers being the perfect example. Even if we had the staff on site to check and process the metalwork, the reduced output from our anodisers means we are very limited to what we can do. Currently the anodisers are hitting 15% - 20% of capacity which is causing us untold delays. They hope to get more staff back into work at the start of June but that is currently just a hope. We will continue to work closely with all of our suppliers, couriers and staff to try and speed things up but at the moment production is very slow. Rest assured we are doing everything we can to make as many things as possible happen.

    Marker update.
    GEO4 is in production, but progress is very slow. However, a very, very small amount of units are starting to come out of production and are being sent out...

  • Lords of the O-Rings 🙄
    Ok terrible pun, we couldn't resist, but in these crazy times many of you are dusting off the hex keys, actually opening the spares baggy and in some (rare) cases, reading the manuals we create. Unbelievable right?

    Well, we've another tech support treat for you; we're currently developing our own Planet Eclipse O-Ring Finder App. It isn't finished yet but we've decided to release it to a limited number of 'first come, first served' Beta testers. Which can be any of you!

    Getting the App isn't super-simple at the moment, due to its Beta Test status, but if you want to get involved while you have the time and inclination then follow the instructions below.

    Please note: The O-Ring App is only available for Apple devices running iOS13 at the moment.

    Getting Started:
    1 - Make sure your device is running iOS13
    2 - Install TestFlight (Beta Test app) from the App Store to allow you to Beta Test:
    3 - Open this link on your device
    4 - Tap 'View in TestFlight' or 'Start Testing'
    5 - Tap 'Install'

    Using the app:

    (A) Select any of our current range of markers.

    (B) Select any of the assemblies that make up that marker.

    (C) Browse the o-rings linked to the assembly.

    (D) The o-ring you select is displayed at actual size with a link to buy.

    (E) All the links you need to place an order are displayed.

    (F) Simply make your purchase from the selected Eclipse Spares Distributor.

    We hope this benefits some of you and please submit any feedback through the TestFlight App.

    We'll keep you updated on the App's progress and will follow-up when it is complete and ready to download as a standalone app.

    Thanks again for your support and input.

    Stay safe. Stay strong. PaintballStrong

  • 2 Emortals in the same place..

    If your into your Magfed or just love all types of Paintball then check out the latest episode of the Frontline Paintball Podcast Featuring 2 Emortals! Host Leadfarmer and guest Aartwood!

    Every Sunday so tune in:

  • Emortal 'Zombie Girl' having fun !!!
    This video made me smile... We all know that Paintball is an amazing sport and I'm sure we all love it for many different reasons. But when you watch this video the pure joy when Zombie Girl shoots someone or wins the game just bring a little joy to the screen....

    I think it safe to say that Zombie Girl won this day, EMG100 FTW :-)

    FYI.. The place of filming is not a proper Paintball venue. It is a small, private, secret training location, thus some of the less than desirable bunkers / parking. I hope Mo's Car wash has a new sign :-)


  • Stay Safe. Stay Sharp: Axel Gaudin
    The Tonton snake-side surgeon, the incredible Axel Gaudin had this to say when we asked him about the current situation.

    Photo: © All In Media

    Do you have your own personal plan for keeping yourself on point so you’re always ready?
    I don’t have a planned program, but I do have a workout everyday. I got myself a routine of a 10 minute stretching/warmup, 30/40 min workout prep + workout, 5 min cool down. I have the chance to have a sport-center at work and can do my workout before lunch. I like to have a running session once a week, but mostly based on speed/cardio and not long distance. I also do some street rollerblading every now and then during the week.
    What kind of drills do you do at home ? If you can.
    I have a stretching/mobility routine that includes all the positions I’m using when in a snake bunker (cake+beam let’s say). I basically get some repetitions done to build muscular memory on the body movement. It’s also a position that builds mobility all around your body. I don’t have a specific home drill at home. I just enjoy having my gun set up and practice some hand switch, juggling, finding myself comfortable with the gun in any position basically. I still do some ghosting when I’m bored ahah.
    Do you have a usual core of local players who play together under normal circumstances? What will you do now?
    After years, my local field became the Tonton’s field which is about 3hours from home. We are all impacted by the circumstances and have no other choices than waiting for the situation to be safe again to practice. As of now, we are doing the only thing we can do about paintball : Talk about it in between the team.

    Photo: © All In Media

    If you play COD or whatever, do you genuinely think there are things in those games that help keep paintballers sharp?
    I don’t do much video games, we used to play Starcraft 2 with the guys some times ago. I don’t think shooting games are giving paintballers any help in their paintball skills. Meanwhile, I do think that playing any type of video game (multiplayer eventually) have you/your team building cohesion,...

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