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  • Important! CS2 Firmware Update

    At last weekend’s NXL Las Vegas Open there were two incidents involving Planet Eclipse Sponsored Pro teams that led to 2 players receiving match bans.

    Both players entered the field with a CS2 marker in its Factory Default mode, Uncapped Semi.

    At this time we are unsure of exactly how the markers got into Factory Default. It is difficult to speculate, but it could have been through accident, malicious intent, faulty batteries or a technical issue in the firmware. What we do know is that the CS2 has been in the field with the same electronics package for nearly 18 months and these are the first cases we have seen or heard of of this type. The circuit boards from the markers in question are on their way back to PE HQ in the UK to undergo rigorous inspection and evaluation.

    In the meantime, in order to mitigate any possibility of this happening again in the future, we have decided to release a new version of firmware for the Primary Board of the CS2.

    The CS2s in question have been in the field with the same electronics package for nearly 18 months and these are the first cases we have seen or heard of of this type.

    Historically the Factory Default mode has always been Uncapped Semi. The issue with any marker that is reset to Factory Default is that this Uncapped Semi mode in not legal in any current competitive format, including the NXL. With the jeopardy being so high for infringing firing mode rules at events like the NXL, and the stakes so high for players and teams, we have decided to re-evaluate the Factory Default mode.

    As such, we have decided that the default position to take for our players and customers is to implement a new version of firmware that now has Capped 10bps Semi as the Factory Default firing mode. This means any marker that is returned to Factory Default for any reason, intentional or not, will still be legal when entering the field of play. The only caveat being that a Factory Default set marker would still infringe at any 5.5 Classic/Mech events or any format that restrict the ROF to anything below 10BPS.

    At Planet Eclipse we pride ourselves on the fact that all our...

  • Paintball Is Dead !!!
    I don't think so....

    Scenario Big Game in Poland (close to the German boarder) sold out in less than 10 hours!!!!

    Not just a few tickets, 1000 tickets !!!

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  • Edmonton Impact. We want it all back!
    2018 gave us some fantastic matchups in the NXL. And although some familiar patterns emerged as the season progressed, others were slowly forming behind the scenes which led to one of the most exciting NXL World Cups we've seen in a long while.

    Unless you're Edmonton Impact, that is.

    As one of, if not THE most professional and consistently successful team in NXL history, Impact played some outstanding paintball throughout the year with their eyes firmly fixed on two things. Winning a fourth NXL Pro Series (in a row) AND the NXL World Cup 3Peat.

    Unfortunately for Impact, the best of the rest had other ideas. And in the course of one single match their dreams began to slip through their fingers. After losing to the Russians – which took the Cup 3Peat out of the equation – the Series title was in the hands of the paintball Gods and one match result. The NXL World Cup Final between Houston Heat and the Russian Legion.

    And once the final buzzer sounded... it was all over. Done. Everything they'd worked towards all year was now gone. The work they'd put in at each event, their work between events, training, strategising, planning, bonding, was all for a 2nd place series finish. Which, if you know Impact, just is not good enough.

    Add to that cocktail the loss of some key players in the 2018 off-season - Rayney, Keith and Dalton and you're looking a very bad end to what should have been an historic season for the team.

    And that was that. 2018 done. A distant memory.

    But now we're looking down the barrel of the 2019 season and only days away from the Las vegas Open. So we grabbed Bart Yachimec (team owner of Edmonton Impact) to ask him about that fateful event and what their plans are for Vegas and the year ahead.

    First up, thanks for your time Bart and we appreciate you chatting about these negative issues. Most teams only wanna talk about the good stuff so it's refreshing and humbling for you to be open about the realities of competing at the highest levels in any sport.

    So, here we go.

    Before we get into the nasty side of things the 2019 NXL...

  • 5.5 BPS, is my Planet Eclipse marker legal???

    So you want to play at 5.5. BPS, but is your Planet Eclipse marker capable of doing that???

    Our tech guys have put together for following information to help you bring your marker in-line with these regulations so that you can compete 'legally' and have some fun. Please always confirm with whichever event you will be playing to make sure you are within the rules!

    The following will enable you to configure our latest markers to comply with the rules -

    • Select the RETRO preset for 5.5bps ramping.
    • Then, if you prefer semi automatic, simply set the FIRE MODE to SEMI.
    Ego 10 to LV1.5 and Geo SL91 to CS1.5, GTEK 170R:
    • Select either the NXL (NXL 10.2 on GTEK 170R) preset or the MILLENNIUM preset for ramping.
    • Set the BS ON ROF to 5.5bps.
    • Set the BS OFF ROF to 5.5bps.
    • Then, if you prefer semi automatic, simply set the FIRE MODE to SEMI.
    Currently our older markers are deemed ILLEGAL at 5.5bps, these are -
    • Ego line - Ego9 and older models
    • Geo line - Geo1
    • Gtek/160R
    • Etek line
    • Etha line
    ETEK5, ETHA2, GTEK and GTEK160R will ONLY be compatible with a firmware upgrade (see below).

    So why are some markers illegal?
    The problem is with the Fault ROF (the ROF when the eyes default). Even though the Capped ROF and the BS OFF ROF can be set to a legal limit of 5.5bps, the Fault ROF is GREATER than 5.5bps. This Fault ROF setting is hard-coded in the firmware and can't be altered by the user. This issue can only be detected by a player/ref if the eyes go into default mode. However the marker is still illegal. The user could switch the eyes off and set the BS OFF ROF to 5.5bps and the marker would never default to the Fault ROF, however the marker would still be classified as illegal.

    So what have we done about this?

    We've created new versions of firmware for the Etek5/Gtek/160R/Etha2 markers which can be flashed by an Eclipse (staff) Tech at an NXL event and some other events (see below). We have no plans to create any new firmware for any other markers at this time unfortunately, but if you bring your Etek5/Gtek/160R/Etha2 to our Planet Eclipse trade stand at an NXL event then...

  • Sandbaggers Abroad

    The Sandbaggers quite like a drink, a trip abroad and the odd game of Paintball thrown in for good measure is always a bonus. When General Bolz (AKA Butch) gave us our CTA (Call to Action) to send over a small, but Elite group of Sandbaggers to the Scenario Big Game we could do nothing but book our flights…

    So Ledz, Phil, JJ and Bowen will be flying to Germany to attend Scenario Big Game 22 ‘Revelation’. The Elite Sandbaggers couldn’t make it so those will have to do. They will be attending and probably playing on only 2 days of the 5 day event that is being help between the 1st May and 5th May in Poland very close to the German border.

    Tickets go on sale today so click the link below and get your ticket ASAP. I hear they sell out !!

    or Facebook Here: CLICK ME

    See you in the field of battle (or at the bar probably).


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