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  • Eclipse Dominate in France!
    What a fantastic result!

    The French Championships are a very well respected series of events with some great teams competing for the prestigious honours.

    And the latest event was dominated by Eclipse teams... which is nice.

    Paris Camp Carnage managed to take 1st place spot in D1 (beating the Ton Tons yet again).

    Martigny Lions took top honours in D2, meaning they now qualify for D1 in 2019.

    And the RNPPC under 16s team, who all played with Etha2s took first place in their division.

    What can we say?

    Other than résultat fantastique!

    For more information about the championships check out the official website > HERE <

  • 507 Paintball League and International Women's event.
    We arrived on site and set up our tech booth on Thursday 24th to be ready to go the next day for the International Women’s Paintball Tournament featuring female teams and players from The United States, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia.

    Starting at  8:00 a.m. on Friday, teams where gathered all around the field getting ready for the first match at 9:00 a.m.

    Inside the netting Planet Eclipse field wraps were prominently displayed setting the stage.

    Team USA which featured players from team Destiny was sponsored by Planet Eclipse and was assisted by Luis Rodriguez, the onsite tech support representative in the pits helping out as needed. They had 6 CS2 in their camp and won first place in the tournament.

    Friday afternoon was a practice day for 507 tournament teams, and we stayed on site offering help with servicing and repairing any markers.
    The next morning games started with D4 and D3 matches.   We were ready to go at 7:00 a.m. At noon the day got rainy so in the afternoon we received some wet guns.  We simply dried them off and out and they were back on the field.

    On Sunday, D4 and D3 matches continued and started the day for D5 teams.

    Every day of the event there was Facebook live podcast (vidaextrema page) for people to watch.

    This event  had teams from Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Aruba, and Panama. The winners in D3 were Caribbean All Stars. in D4 the winners were PK Crew from Panama and the  D5 winners were AM Young Bloodz.

    Piratas teams, Panama’s PE sponsor team reached podium in D3 (3rd place), D4 (2nd place) and D5 (2nd place).

  • Event #3 Spanish National Championship (EXPL)

    The third leg of the Spanish championship, EXPL, had to be played with a clean mindset, without thinking about our last performance.

    Planet Eclipse managed to get us our CS2’s out just in time for the event. Without any bedding in time we had to trust they were as good as we had heard!

    The first match of prelims was played against the Old kids. The day could not have started more identical to that of the 2nd event. We started losing 0-3 with about 7 min of game time to be played. After a change of attitude, we pushed hard and took the win 4-3.

    The second match with King Paintball team was much better executed on our part. 5-1 final result.

    There are no easy games, as proved in the previous leg. Despite that we were confident on making a good result versus Chiclana Vulkan Green. 4-0 in 7 minutes. We took advantage of this game to test some moves on the field.

    The last game of the prelims with the Imperial Army was expected to be and was a difficult one. With a 2-point deficit and only 59 seconds on the clock, we invested everything we had attacking hard and fast, getting as close as 15-25 seconds to tie the game but we lost 3-4.

    The semi-final went similar to the prelims: we knew our shots and our tactics 5-1 vs Chiclana Vulkan Original and onto the final.

    Finals vs. Imperial Army. In the finals we wanted to show that we are not willing to repeat bad results and instead learn from them. The fact that there was consistency in early kills and quality communication meant a victory against Imperial Army by 5-1 giving us the win :-)

    Thank you for believing in us, we will fight with this to the end:

    Without you and the quality of the material nothing was possible.

    We are back.
    Beira Beira  MAAAARRRRR

  • 3 from 3: NXL Pro Debutants - Sacramento DMG
    And last, but not least we caught up with the 2017 NXL semi-pro champions – Sacramento DMG – to find out about their Pro debut in Vegas.

    1 – NXL Vegas was your Pro debut, which is a massive step for any team. In your opinion, how did Vegas go for you guys? 

    2018 NXL Las Vegas Open was an opportunity to learn for Sacramento DMG. We had our new equipment, and everything was feeling to par! Our DMG edition CS2’s were flawless, making it a breeze to focus on the game. However, as a team we made mistakes; we also made very high level intelligent plays. We had goals set for the event that we left on the table. Though, we prospered in what could have just been a negative outlook for that event. We came together and talked and talked about the moment, and the future. We truly saw what we could do when we were all instinctively operating intelligently in unison. We are a force to be. It is only a matter of time.

    2 – Let’s talk matches. Which game made you guys realise Pro was a different ball game?

    Hats off to Edmonton Impact, Bart and Jo Yachimec and the entire family. They have allowed us to learn what the best level of play is, and how to shift gears and play against it. However, XFactor was a match at Vegas where we realized this is the pace of top level professional tournament ball. We know we can compete with any team, and any given Sunday, we can be those brothers hoisting our pointer fingers to the sky. However, with the XFactor match, we simply ran out of time. Hats off to them and their system. Ryan and Alex run a clean intelligent ship; and it shows with their consistency. They’ve been a huge team for a long time. They ran up some points on us, and we adjusted and were bringing it back, however we simply adjusted too late. It’s a point in our rookie season that we all came together and talked about the system we were running, and how to make it more efficient...

  • MVPS Round #2

    As I embark on my next trip on the list for the 2018 Pro Tech Tour of Events. I go over my checklist to make sure nothing stays behind. License, cash, debit card, Planet Eclipse tent, stakes for the tent, sides for the tent, table and table cloth. At the last moment realized I was leaving my tools, go figure. After a 3 1/2  hour drive up the Florida coast I arrived in City Island Park located in Daytona Beach.

    Alongside the park runs the Halifax River. Famous for its bass fishing, links to wildlife preserves, water sports, beautiful beaches and oceanfront communities. But who can forget what Daytona Beach is known for ? Spring Break and the Daytona 500. Two Bucket list events every, never mind. We are here for event #2 Battle at the Beach. Hosted by Maximum Velocity Paintball Series (MVPS)  

    Since its inception in 2014. Alex Zudell, staff and great refs have put this league at the top in the long history list of Florida Paintball Leagues. Nearly 70 teams in 5 divisions came  from Atlanta, Louisiana, Kentucky, Georgia and all across Florida . Podium finish and holding the trophy weighing heavily on their minds. XPX Jungle Clowns, LEGACY, PTW, Palm Beach Venom, TNB,DEVIOUS, TB NOTORIOUS, FL TROPIX,and DEAD RABBITZ were all back ready to stake their claim. Great to see the growth in the new teams playing events more consistently.

    Blessed with clear skies with temps in the high 80's and light winds for the weekend. Teams geared up, lubed markers ,loaded paint and prepared for battle. Teams were loving the NXL Vegas layout. Aggressive breaks, running and gunning, communication and teamwork were key to play the fields and win.

    Finals kicked in and teams did not disappoint. Games were exiting to watch with constant run thus, bunkerings and penalties galore.

    As the sun sets, MVPS began the awards ceremony. In D3 Xball TAMPA BAY REVOLUTION took the crown and trophy. In 2nd place it was 
    PALM BEACH VENOM edging out WESTON LEGACY in 3rd. In D4 Xball  it was RAMPAGE SILVER in 1st. BIRDS OF PREY in 2nd. 3rd place went to SHENANIGANS. In D4/D5(3man) division...

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