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  • EMEK's first tournament win ??
    Over the last few years Malaysia has gone through it's ups and down in the Paintball World. Legal issues, currency exchange rate issues, new goverments, all of these things have made it difficult, if not impossible for Paintball to grow. Some people bailed out on Paintball and some, like Raskal Sports, stayed strong and are now seeing growth again. One of the new tournament series that grew out of the burning ashes of the turmoil was the R500SLE events ran by Raskal Sports.

    There are two divisions: Elite is the Electronic 10.5bps ramping division, and Classic is for Mechanical markers. Entrance fees are all inclusive giving you all the paint you are allowed to use during the event. Elite teams pay MYR 1,500 (approx $350) and get 6 cases of Paint (12,000 rounds) where the Classis (Mech) pay MYR 900 (Approx $210) and get 4 case (8000 rounds). You play a maximum of 8 prelim games and have to manage your paint to last you for all of those games. If you break it down thats 300 ball per person, per game in Elite and 200 in Classic. But not everyone shoots all the paint so teams tend to carry more, but thats all down to your planning. There is also prize money in both divisions where the winners get a free days play.. Happy days. 

    The R500SLE event gives you an easy place to start playing tournament airball. Fixed price with no surprises. It's not about who can shoot the most paint it's about who has the best skills as everyone is equal.

    As it turns out in the last leg of the R500SLE events the best Classic (Mech) team were all using EMEKs :-) Well done to EJPC Jr. taking the win after coming in 2nd a couple of times. Not even mud is going to make the EMEK miss a beat!

    Champion – Devastation (Malaysia)
    2nd– Infamy Aisawan (Singapore)
    3rd– OK Can (Singapore)
    4th– Hydra (Malaysia)

    Champion – EJPC Jr. (Malaysia)
    2nd– Apanama (Malaysia)
    3rd– 3Q’s (Malaysia)
    4th– Takeoff Zebra (Malaysia)

    Is this the perfect format for begineers and players on a budget? I think it's pretty close !

    Check out this link to find...

  • NXL World Cup - Don't Miss Out !

    TONIGHT is the First Deadline for World Cup!

    Practice Sessions Available! Book a 1-Hour Slot Here
    Want to have a booth in the Trade Show? Download the Vendor Application
    International teams needing visa assistance: Email

    Days of play per division: Play More Than One Format!
    Interested in playing in more than one format?  Take a look below to see which divisions play on which days...

    The Trade Show and Team Check-In will begin on Wednesday, November 7th.
    • Xball: Prelims Thursday through Saturday, Finals on Sunday
    • Mounds 5.5 bps Classic 5-Man: Friday Only
    • Mounds 5.5 bps Classic 10-Man: Saturday and Sunday
    • 5-Man (D3, D4, D5): Prelims Saturday, Finals on Sunday
    • 10-Man Amateur: Prelims Saturday and possibly Sunday (depending on the final team count), Finals on Sunday
    • 10-Man Open: Sunday Only
    • 3-Man Open: Sunday Only
    • 3-Man Amateur: Sunday Only
    • Pump: Sunday Only
    Warning: Divisions Will Sell Out!
    The NXL is expecting the season’s grand finale – the World Cup – to completely sell out!  You do NOT want to wait to pay your team entry for this event as you could very well get locked out of your division. Reserve your spot now by clicking here and paying your team entry fee.  Rosters do not need to be completed at the time of payment, but it is recommended rosters are completed online by October 30th to avoid long lines and late fees at the event.

    The November 8 - 11, 2018 NXL World Cup brought to you by Kissimmee Sports, will once again be held across from the Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.  View divisions, entry fees and deadlines here.  Hotel discounts can be found here (hotels are being added daily!).

    This event is free and open to the public.  Special VIP and grandstand tickets are available online as well as at the event. The NXL beer garden and family-friendly concessions will also be set up within the free trade show throughout the event.  All major credit cards as well as cash are accepted at the event.

  • #10 Eclipse moving up in the world... again
    Article number 10 in our history of Planet Eclipse focuses on yet another office move.
    Yawn. Yeah, we know, not as exciting as talking about guns or tournament wins, but as boring as it may seem moving our HQ to something a little more sexy (and bigger) made a huge difference to how we operate day-to-day.

    When we first moved to Praed Road from our original location in Manchester city centre , we took 2 units and knocked them through to make one bigger unit. As we expanded and started production of our own Marker (the awesome EGO) we took on a 3rd and then 4th unit. Luckily all next to each other (in a U-shape) so we could continue to work, but the bigger we got the more disjointed it became. When we took on the 5th unit which was over the road–not so convenient–we decided to start looking for something else. After some searching we found a new build that was only ½ mile away from Praed Road that would allow us to design and build the Planet Eclipse HQ for our future.

    The move didn't change things, in term of our mind set. We are still, pretty much, the same people with the same ethos that we have always had. Apart from it being a much nicer, collaborative and efficient working space, it suddenly wasn’t so embarrassing to show people around. Whenever someone came to Planet, be that player or dealer, they would want a tour. For a lot of people this place was where the ‘magic’ happened and was a special place in their minds with hundreds of employees working 24 hours a day, men in white coats perfecting wind resistance tests on different barrel designs and production staff dancing and singing as they worked. The reality was VERY different at Praed Road. It was a grey drab building with no sparkle or glitter and we knew that. The new place still wouldn’t live up to the highest expectations but it was certainly a hell of a lot better.

    As a business we expand to fit into the space we have. If we would have moved to a smaller building we would have adapted to that size. Having more space gives us the ability to grow into the space. The biggest improvement...

  • Techs On Tour - TAP Argentino

    On the 18th and 19th of August, the third stage of the Argentine Paintball Tournament (TAP) was held at Campo Revolution Paintball - San Vicente (Buenos Aires)

    With the participation of 30 teams (more than 300 players).The weather had not been great and the morning of the event was cold, about 11 degrees celsius. But the game got on the way and all was good until 1pm when a a storm sweeps the field ..... 

    Not a bad view from the Tech Tent...
    Turning the venue into a very muddy mess. Luckily the Planet Eclipse tech was on hand to support the players that needed help.. Some more than other!

    For the first time a team from Brazil made the journey to TAP,Spider Team from Rio de Janeiro (fourth place in the event) showing that the TAP is gaining recognition outside of Argentina.

    In weather conditions like these it's always great to know that Planet Eclipse has got your back !!

    To find out more about the TAP Series go here: 

    or here 


    Cat Open D4:
    1- eXtasis Argentina eXa
    2- Shitsukoi Paintball Team
    3- Wild Dogs Buenos Aires

    Cat. Promo D5:
    1- Wild Dogs Buenos Aires
    2-White Paintball Team
    3- B.O.P.E team Paintball

    Cat. Newbies D6:
    1- Bastardos Paintball Team
    2- Snipers
    3- Black Hawk Paintball Team

    Signing out until next time....Marcelo Costa


  • Who is the best 2-Man pairing in the UK???
    This Saturday (8th September) at the Eclipse Open at the CPPS will see the annual 2-man Championship to support Team GB.

    £10 a head (£20 a team), 32 teams maximum. half of the entrance fee's will go to 1st Place (the other half goes to Team GB), along with 2 x Planet Eclipse Holdalls and some Planet Eclipse goodies, a trophy and Champions Medals as well of course as being crowned 2-man Champions 2018!

    All are welcome. Get your partner and see if you have what it takes.

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