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  • EMG100 in the Snow - Leadfarmer (Emortal)

    Leadfarmer has recently joined the Emortal Army and is now rocking the EMG100 and has also became an Emortal. Last week he took the EMG100 out for a spin and we said let us know how you get on. When the video came in we were very surprised at the conditions he has playing in... Brave Man! Minus -7C

    I think it's safe to say Leadfarmer liked the EMG100 :-)

    Check out Leadfarmer on Facebook here:

    Check out the Frontline Paintball Podcast where Leadfarmer is co-host:

  • R500SLE taking Paintball to AMAZING places!
    Welcome to the sunny isle of Federal Territories Labuan, just off the west coast of Borneo for the Finale of the R500SLE limited paint and fixed cost paintball tournament. A duty free island with good scuba diving sites, offshore banking, offshore oil platforms sharing a landmass of 36 square mile and with just a population of 100,000 souls. A 45 minutes ferry ride from Borneo or 150 minutes of flying time from Kuala Lumpur.

    This R500SLE fixed cost and limited paintball tournament was organized by the local paintball Kelab GHRT and co-organized by Raskal Sports and Sri Awana Paintball with the fullest support for the Labuan Development Foundation, Federal Territories Ministry, Ministry of Tourism, Interland Trading and Labuan Financial Park.

    This paintball development tournament targeted at new players, teams and returning players saw a total of 50 teams participating and with nearly half of these teams as Rookies with no paintball experience. 

    We had a team of young players – Team GHRT Juniors, with an average age of under 13 years old, a young girls team (LNC) at 20 years old on average and a mature player of 59 years old participating. We also saw many teams of retired, matured and returning mixed and matched players. So enthusiastic were some players for this tournament, we had a girl with a broken foot, playing in a leg cast!

    Check out the footwear!
    Team GHRT Juniors with: Isyraf Faiz – 11 years, Irfan Firduas – 12, Kaszym Aqim – 12 and Hasmiezul – 16, played in the 3 Man Rookies Division achieving 2nd podium Place out of a total of 18 teams of adults. These youngster have only played paintball twice and there are no paintball parks in Labuan ! Brilliant achievements and well talented. This is where the future of our paintball industry lies. 

    Another team of note, the girls team LNC from Politeknik Kota Baru, Era Sara, Nurul Harni, Nur Hidayah and Siti Aisyah played well in their 1st ever paintball tournament after joining their college’s paintball club earlier this year. We had the most ladies ever, 10 women, playing in various teams which is great to see.

  • 🌟 Join The Gold Rush 🌟
    First up, let's talk spares - stay with us, it'll all make sense.

    We have a vast stock of Eclipse spares–old and new–that are compatible with every marker we ever did. So whether you need an o-ring for your EGO05, or a POPS bonnet for a CS2 we'll have something to help you out. Unfortunately our UK HQ warehouse is only so big, and with the increasing number of great products we design and build we're fast running out of space to store everything. We even use our pool table for storage... which hasn't gone down too well at all. 14 years of marker spares kinda takes up a LOT of space, so we made a change.

    Our sister company in Germany, Paintball.De, specialises in distribution so we decided they should be our designated Eclipse Spares Hub for the UK/Europe and the USA. So no matter where you are you can get your Eclipse spares directly from Paintball.De.

    To tech nerds this Spares Hub is filled with pure Eclipse gold. Which is now kinda true, because we're about to send over a stash of CSL Gold hardware that we found and for those not in the know, the EGO CSL had Gold hardware, which looks pretty cool to be fair. So if you have a CSL and need to refresh your hardware, check out the list below:

    CSL Eye Cover Screws
    CSL Feedneck Screws
    CSL Torpedo
    CSL Bolt Pin
    (and maybe more :-) 

    Some CSL items are plentiful, breech cover screws for example, but others are more limited which raises as question. You could wait until you REALLY need one of these and risk them going out of stock... or you could check out the Spares information below to see what you need to do and get your hands on these Shiny Gold beauties asap.

    👉 Planet Eclipse Spares Hub Information

    A little birdie also tells me that they might even have some SUPER RARE CSL Carbon Fiber tips in 14" and 16" !!!! Don't tell anyone!!!!

  • Extra Special Gift!!
    Did anyone spot Ledz rocking these bad boys @ NXL World Cup?

    We always get a little embarrassed when our teams send us a gift to say thanks for the support and amazing equipment (but we also secretly LOVE IT). Some gifts are very personal (hot sauce is always a good one) and some can be pretty special. Markie C and the Manchester Firm send over this cracking gift for Ledz to wear at World Cup in the form of a custom pair of trainers (sneakers for the yanks) made by Blue Bee Custom. They feature a splash pattern in Ledz’s original colour way and the Eclipse E Logo… Very cool and very special.

    God only knows what Ledz was doing with his marker in bits!

    If you want something creating like this, that’s what Blue Bee Custom do. Check them out here:

    or on Facebook here:

    Huge thanks to the Manchester Firm for making such a cool, unique and special gift.

  • Cerakote
    Over the years I think we can say that we have been on the cutting edge of metal finishes. We helped develop the original Splash which lead the wave of fades and acid wash that we saw in the 90's. Planet was the first to create the cool Aurora finish on markers and we have developed some amazing custom graphic anodising finishes and our full body wraps, like the HDE Camo pattern. We have even commissioned an artist that specialisted in anodising art to make us something super special, but let’s just say artistic differences stopped that project from going much further.

    When we visit real gun shows like IWA and Shot Show I’m always impressed with the 'Show Pieces' that some vendors create for display. I have tried several times to speak to them about how they do it and who does it but I got stone walled every time. I found out quite early on that the finish that they have on these show pieces is called Cerakote (other brand do exist) but even when you speak to Cerakote on their booths you get very little help. But we never give up and after 3 years of, well, not a lot of progress, a knight in shining armour comes forward out of the Cerakote Finish mist in the form of Nightmare Inc. I'm sure there are loads of companies that do this service as it seems very popular in the real steel world but having someone that can do the process AND knows Paintball is the diamond in the rough we were looking for.

    We had two commissions done in time for World Cup 2018 which was the Stars and Stripes CS2 and the Union Jack LV1.5 Both went down a storm but we still had some tweaking to do in order to make this a product we would be happy putting our name against.

    So time passes and a few experiments later and we are now at the stage that we are super happy with the finish that Nightmare Inc are putting on the Planet Eclipse markers.

    But before I go on. What the hell is Cerakote? Well, in it's very basic form it is a protective coating that a lot of real steel gun owners...

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