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  • Beira-Mar Gold: RLA Event # 5 2017
    The weekend started in the worst possible way, with the death of our dear friend Sá. Being an extremely active person, who did a lot for National Paintball, very hardworking, natural distributor, very positive attitude, a boyfriend for Eunice Pinto, a son, a brother, a cousin and friend of many ... But by the words of Javier, during the tribute paid to him at the event, "... He wish we were here to play and have fun ..." and by these parameters we played during the day of September 3, 2017.

    The first game, AFTER A noshow (2-0), was against Benfica B, a close match, in which the Atlantic Games Beira-Mar Gold, were not concentrating, uncertainties to play, lack of communication, but in the end we had to win and play as we played and took the win 2-1. 

    Then we would play with the Amarelos, a very competitive team full of talent, they wanted to play their best, and so did we. A difficult 2-1 win.

    For the last game of the preliminaries, we would play with the C4=RTU B, and a win more appropriate to our dominant game style in this league, 2-0. In the semi-finals we would play against the experienced Blue Falcon Squadron, in which it would be very difficult, and in a game with great heat, in the end we would be victorious by 2.1.

    Final against Estoril Praia Paintballl Team, who made a solid step, to mention that they were with 2 guests (Cupido and Guilherme Adam), that play in SC Sporting and that consequently we have respect and we also know them well, ended in a victory for Beira-Mar 2 -0, where we were able to impose our game from the beginning, in the breakout until the buzzer to mark the 2 point, communication and dominance won this final.

    But we played to have fun, and so we did honor to our dear friend. This victory was for you Jorge Filipe Silva Sá (May 20, 1976 - August 31, 2017), Rest in peace, we all will see you soon

  • Super 7's: Australian Masters

    Who will win? 

    They love a bit of 15 Ball Per Seconds in Australia...

    Pro/Semi – Fri November 24th to Sunday November 26th

    Good old Fi$h is taking a 21,000 mile round trip just to look after all the Planet Eclipse markers and customers...

    We Got Your Back !!!!

  • Hot sauce committee : Ledz' latest hot sauce
    Planet Eclipse. Designers, manufacturers and users of the best paintball equipment on the Planet.

    And hot sauce.

    Yep, we also do a hot, and we mean a HOT, hot sauce.

    And who's behind the hot sauce project? Pretty obvious really. Ledz, who looks really chuffed with the latest one, so we decided to put him under the grill.

    So, Ledz, a little bird told us that you like chillies and that you’ve just received shipment of your latest batch of chilli sauce. How true is this?

    I like it a little too much if I'm honest. Everybody thinks because I like hot sauce I like the STUPID hot ones, but that’s not true. I like a good strong flavour and it has to pack a punch but I'm not a fan of the ones that will put you on your knees and make you beg for mercy.

    What’s your favourite ‘Off the shelf’ sauce?

    I have two favourites at the moment. Encona special reserve and Habanero Tabasco. Both are hotter than ‘Standard’ sauces but not super hot. These are my everyday go-to sauces and there is the undisputed King of hot sauces, plain old, straight up Tabasco. Can’t beat it. I love not having it for a while then going back to it, like wearing your favourite old jeans.

    This isn’t your first chilli sauce rodeo either is it? How long have you been getting your own sauces made?

    No it’s not, we have made several different sauces from several different suppliers. We are probably into 10+ years now. Most of the sauces have been made in the UK as it’s fun finding the companies to make them (lots of testing and tasting, but I’ll take a hit for the team). We have only made sauces in America once or twice though. Any takers?

    Labels hand applied... by Ledz himself

    Who currently makes them for you?

    Our current batch is made by Big Rick, an ex Baller who used to play on Team Bouja. One of the strings to his bow is making some pretty good hot sauces. You can check him out on Facebook here Home Grown Chillies.

  • MVPS - Florida by PJ: Techs On Tour

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