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  • You won't believe what we found at PE HQ 😲

    Sorry, we couldn't resist the dumb click-baity title (we hate them with a passion) but it's true. We had a big clean up at Planet Eclipse HQ and genuinely found something incredible. Two things in fact!

    We’ve all found something cool when cleaning behind the sofa. A boiled sweet, a coin, maybe even a fiver but we were astounded by what we found during a lockdown clean up. 

    Ledz and the guys decided to clear out the forgotten corners at Planet Eclipse HQ and found not one, but TWO RAW GSLs that had somehow slipped the net. Some of the guys wanted to keep them, others wanted to hide them but we decided to do something special with them. So we sent them over to Arc Anodising in the USA to create two very special one-offs.

    One is a vintaged-rust-high-gloss hybrid which is stunning and the other looks like our classic Aurora finish. Both are truly incredible markers that will be a welcome addition to anyone’s collection AND will be more than up to the job of ripping things up on the field.

    And… they both have a GSL keyring… STILL in their baggies.

    Both have been fully rebuilt in-house and will leave Planet Eclipse HQ in the same condition as any other brand new high-end marker.

    Check out the links on eBay here (USA-Only) and enjoy.

    Borealis (kinda like Aurora - ish):
    eBay USA Link

    Rust (but super shiny):
    eBay USA Link

  • CF20 Mag – Important Announcement!

     CF20 Mag – Important Announcement!


    After 18 months of design, testing and even more testing we finally released the first production batch of our CF20 Magazines into the wild this past weekend, with the UK being the first market to use them in anger.

    Unfortunately, we have been made aware of an issue that resulted in the failure of a single part within the magazine for one customer. To some, the news of a single failure wouldn’t be an issue, you just send them a replacement part. But for us, any failure is a big deal. We design and manufacture our products to work as they should, to stay the course, and to be the very best on the market because ultimately WE also want to use these products. If a product fails our customers, we believe we fail as a brand.

    R&D have been analysing the part in question and have identified the problem.  We are currently arranging a replacement part to be manufactured, which will be replaced in all retail units as quickly as physically possible. 

    We apologise for the delay on this product and will try our very best to get this product in your hands as soon as we possibly can.

    We know what it's like to be excited about a kick-ass product only for it to be delayed, so for this we can only apologise.

    If you have already received your CF20 Mags then please contact the store you purchased them from for more information.

    Thanks again for your loyalty and patience as always, we truly appreciate it.


    Planet Eclipse.

  • BLiNdS1De7 + EMF100 + CF20 = LETHAL !!!

    Check out the latest video from BLiNdS1De7. The guy has some serious skills and is a great shot...

  • Zombie Girl - Domination (Video)

    Zombie Girl doing what she does best.... taking No S%$& from anyone and just racking up the kills!!

    ** Warning either the audio is getting better on Zombie Girl videos or she is developing a potty mouth **

  • Making Moves #3 - featuring Stoke Quest

    The final instalment of our Making Moves series brings Stoke Quest's 2020 CPPS season to a close.

    Did they manage to win Division 1 and earn promotion to Elite for 2021?

    Read on friends, read on.

    All good things must come to an end at some point even paintball; after a hectic year for UK paintball CPPS Round 3 would see the final event of the year for Quest. Going into the final event Quest currently sit 7 points clear at the top of Division 1 and would need to win just 2 of their games to be out of sight and win promotion to Elite for the 2021 season. The final event would only be 4 games for Quest due to the nature of the double round robin format, which had been introduced this season. That’s 4 chances to get their hands on the Golden Chalice / Holy Grail / Bleeding Goblets... etc. 

    The first game of the day saw Quest matchup against the only team that have managed to stop the momentum of Quest so far, the Planet Eclipse factory team Sandbaggers Black. Going into the day, it was clear that if any team could cause havoc amongst the ranks, it was them and their experience. The first point was a dominating performance by Quest, particularly from Guy Wakefield down the snake side. However it was Baggers that pulled the 2nd point of the game, a consolation only since Quest went on the run, taking the game to a mercy victory, 5-1 win. After a convincing and well fought victory from Quest it would now put them significantly closer to promotion. Just one game to be won, and on paper, some easier games to come.

    NPF Raiders whose latest roster featured a few guest players from Lionesses were the next team to face Quest. The game began with very aggressive, and quite unexpected plays from NPF, who managed to take both the 50 snake and 50 bag with speed on the 1st point. Unfortunately for them, Quest playing tight and surviving well behind their guns was enough to counter-punch any offense shown by Raiders. During this game, Captain Chris Milne decided he hadn’t shot enough players as of that point in the day, hence thought Tom Davies of his own team would be a good target, shooting him on 2 separate...

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