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Tag And Brag 2010-Write up and results

2010 Tag and Brag champions crowned

 It has been a long road and hard work for many involved to deliver the 2010 edition of Tag and Brag that was held on 25 and 26 September but we can safely say that the tournament at the Blades and Triggers field was a success. And what a success it was. We played some serious speedball on the day and all around the teams fought hard in their games. What was even better than the paintball that was being displayed on the field was the atmosphere next to the field. The spirit between teams was so refreshing, the help and advice that some of the 5-man teams offered to the 3-man teams is growing the sport and the support of the spectators was great. All in all the speedball community took a step in the right direction and that is one of the most important positives that came out of the event.

 We also had the privilege of hosting Team Dynasty from the USA for this tournament. They came down to SA with Yosh Rau, Billy Bernacchia, Alex Fraige and Ryan Greenspan to participate in the tournament. The SASP ran a competition that offered two individuals the opportunity to complete the Dynasty team that would participate in the 5-man event. The winners of this competition were Jerome Jansen van Vuuren and Gerhard Smit. Having chatted to them I realised is that an experience like that is hard to put in words but that they regard this as one of those “Once in a lifetime” events and that will cherish those memories for many years to come. Even to everyone else the Dynasty guys were amazing .They were super friendly to everyone, very accessible (it was very easy to chill with them and chat to them), only too happy to give the players some signatures. All around really amazing guys and many people will remember them long for that and cannot wait to see them again.

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Africa Cup 2011 - TAG & BRAG

The Africa Cup 2011 - Tag and Brag tournament returns in October 2011 and is set to trump the successful 2010 event. The plans are big, the expectations high and the competition will be fierce. The event will be hosted on both the Saturday 29 October and Sunday 30 October. There will be 3-man and 5-man divisions, trade show and other entertainment. We are also looking to welcome some overseas teams as guests to our tournament to show them just how awesome paintball is in South Africa.

CLICK HERE to see the event advertising video.

The games will be played over 3 amazing field at the Blades and Triggers paintball field in Johannesburg. The layouts for the division will be announced closer to the time but the layout for the 5-man GPPL divisions will most likely be based off one of the Millennium fields, which one will be announce much closer to the time.

The rules for the 5-man GPPL divisions will be the same as the Millennium rule set. The rules for the 3-man are in the process of being updated and the new rules for the 3-man SASP divisions will be announced in the coming weeks.

We are honoured to have Photomonkey (Ole Kröger) coming down for this event and attend to the teams’ media needs on the day.


The current prize package is set to be a minimum of R 70 000 in cash and product. Updates to this prize package will be regularly communicated as more and more sponsors get involved. The current sponsors of the event are:

  • JT
  • GOG
  • DYE
  • Guerilla Air
  • Empire


From a 5-man perspective the event will see the GPPL Pro and GPPL Div1 final events. It all comes down to THIS event where teams will fight it out to win their respective divisions. Who will it be? Well, to find out you will have to be there and there will be no place better to be than next to the field, rooting for your team to take the win.

Entry fees for the 5-man leagues for this event are as follows:

    GPPL Pro Division:
  • Open only to international teams
  • R 3500 per team if registered and paid up before 30 September 2011
  • R 4000 per team after 30 September 2011
    GPPL Division 1:
  • R 2000 per team if registered and paid up before 30 September 2011
  • R 2500 per team after 30 September 2011


The 3-man side of the tournament is back, by popular demand, and will see 2 divisions, namely SASP 3-man Elite and SASP 3-man Play. We see the 3-man aspect of paintball being the source of growth for the sport and will be a critical part of the overall tournament.

The SASP 3-man Elite division is "by invite only" and invites will go to the top 3 ranking teams in various 3-man leagues from around the country as follows:

  • SARPL 3-man                            -- 3 spots
  • Paintball City 3-man                   -- 3 spots
  • KPPL 3-man                              -- 2 Spots
  • SPL                                           -- 2 Spots
  • Epic Paintball (Bloem)                -- 1 Spot
  • Cape Town (to be confirmed)     -- 1 Spot

This is going to pit the best versus best in 3-man from all around the country. The best part is that there is NO ENTRY FEE that these teams have to pay and even better, the prizes are awesome.

The leagues themselves will be announcing how they will allocate the spots and who gets to participate. So start bugging them to find out who gets to go. 

The terms and conditions that we refer to are as follows:

  • SASP 3-man Elite qualification spots are allocated to league on Friday 2 September
  •  If a league declines one or all spots then we will reallocate this spot to a league who does not have a spot or increase the allocation of another league.
  •  The spots will be reallocated according to SASP's plans and guidelines for supporting growth in 3-man leagues
  • Leagues have until Wednesday 21 September to send through the registration forms for the teams that they will be sending to the SASP 3-man Elite to either Oliver ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or Philip ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
  •  Any spot not filled up with a team from that league will be reallocated to another league according to SASP's plans and guidelines for supporting growth in 3-man leagues
  • Spots in the SASP 3-man Elite may not be sold by the league or a team (who might have qualified through the league)

  • Important to remember and highlight is:
  • The entry fee is FREE
  • Teams in the SASP 3-man Elite division cannot have players who have played GPPL PRO or SPL PRO in the last 4 years
  • A player will not be allowed to play in more than one division at Africa Cup 2011 

The SASP 3-man Play division will be open to any 3-man team of any level. The top teams from all the partner leagues will be participating in the SASP 3-man Elite division which will offer the teams participating in the SASP 3-man Play division the perfect opportunity to compete for top honors and an opportunity for brand new teams to have a division to play in.

   SASP 3-man Elite:
  • Teams will be registered by the partner leagues

    SASP 3-man Play:

  • R 525 per team if registered and paid up before 30 September 2011
  • R 750 per team after 30 September 2011


Team Registration - OPEN Monday 5 September 2011

So, how do you register your team? The registration forms for the GPPL and the SASP 3-man will be available from the GPPL and SASP websites and Facebook pages from Monday 5 September 2011. To register just download the appropriate form for the division that you want to play in, complete the registration form and send it to

SASP 3-man: Oliver at oliver(at)
Philip at philip(at)

GPPL 5-man: Owen at playgppl(at)

This form will also contain the instructions on how to settle the registration fees for the tournament and other registration specific information.

The SASP 3-man Elite division is "by invite only" and the invites are allocated as described above. Only the leagues themselves can submit their team registration forms for the spots alocated to them.

International and domestic travelling teams

If you or your team are travelling (or planning on travelling) a long distance to come and compete in this tournament and need support with regards to accommodation, holiday plans and any other arrangements you might need assistance with the please do not hesitate to contacting Oliver at oliver(at) or Philip at philip(at) regardless of how long you stay before or after the tournament. Remember, our offer to help and put packages together for teams is not limited to players only as family and friends are not only permitted to come along but encouraged to come and enjoy the great times that will be had.

One of the main aims is for this to be a great experience for the teams coming through for this event. In order to achieve this we are going to make this more than just a paintball tournament in South Africa.

Around the time of the tournament South Africa will be full into Spring and going onto Summer and the one thing South Africa has a lot of is great weather. This will be the perfect opportunity to attach some holiday time to your trip and the country has a lot to offer.

Show your support for this event and spread the news to all your friends, family, other players and other teams. Feel free to download the flyer from the SASP Facebook page and send it to whoever you think will be interested in having an awesome time and play some good paintball. CLICK HERE


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