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2012 Africa Cup - 3-Man Elite

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2012 Africa CUP 3-man Elite - Prizes and Team Qualification

The recent edition of the 2011 Africa Cup Tag and Brag tournament has shown us what the potential is of paintball in this country, specifically tournament paintball. We are proud to be able to announce the details of the 2012 SASP 3-man Elite division at Africa Cup on 1 and 2 December at the Blades and Triggers field.Due to the size of the opportunity and the massive 2012 Africa Cup tournament that is being planned we to let you know now already so that you are in the best position to win the amazing prizes that will be on offer.

SASP 3-man Elite will be happening again at Africa Cup 2012The SASP 3-man Elite division will only have its second year at the Africa Cup tournament and the aim of this division is to have the best 3-man teams from the partner leagues in the country compete for top honours. We want to attract the top teams from the various 3-man leagues in South Africa to fight it out for a great prize. The invite to be a partner league was sent to all leagues but some leagues chose not to become a partner league and we completely respect that. The requirements and documentation sent as part of this initiative is available for download at the bottom of this article.

With the SASP 3-man Elite division we are aiming to identify those teams who are competing at a high level and need that extra support to make the step up from an amateur 3-man to a professional outfit,whether that is in the 3-man or 5-man arena.

Sponsors for the SASP 3-man Elite Division

We have the privilege of having been able to partner with amazing sponsors for this event that have puttogether a massive for this division. These amazing sponsors are:

• Blades and Triggers
• Guerrilla Air

Current prize package already at R 70 000

At this point the prize package for the 3-man Elite is already at about R 70 000 with the potential to growsince the tournament is still quite a bit away. The prize package for the SASP 3-man Elite division is:

• 3 x Proto Reflex markers
• 3 x Guerrilla Air HP tanks
• 3 x DYE Rotors
• 3 x DYE i4
• 3 x DYE C12 Jerseys
• 3 x DYE C12 pants
• 3 x Headbands
• 100 boxes of paint

More prizes will be added as we get closer to the tournament, so make sure you keep up to date as to what the prize package is.



How teams can qualify to participate in the 2012 SASP 3-man Elite Division

I guess the only thing you really want to know is how you qualify and what does it cost. The great news is that once you qualify you don’t have to pay any entry fee. This division invites the top 3-man teams from the partner leagues to compete and no entry fee is payable to compete.

Now, who can compete? Well, we use the rules below to determine how many teams from each partner league can participate.

Events and Teams

o A league will receive 1 qualifying spot for every 4 teams in their league, to a maximumof 4 spots

The qualifying spots will be determined by the average number of teams from the 5 mostattended events in the league, rounded DOWN to the closest whole number, i.e. if the average number of teams is 14, then they get 3 slots (14/4 = 2.5, but rounded down to the nearest whole number means they get 3 slots).Average attendance example: If the team numbers for 6 league events was 15, 9, 14, 16,16, 19 then we will have an average team attendance of 16 (i.e. 15 + 14 + 16 + 16 + 19 DIVIDED BY 5). The league will thus get 4 slots.

Team requirements:

o The top 3 teams from the various partner leagues will qualify for 2012 SASP 3-man Elite division depending on how many spots they are eligible for.

o If a team competes in more than one league, which is encouraged and supported, and qualifies through both leagues, then they will qualify for the Elite division from thetournament where they ranked the highest and the next ranked team in the other league can take their spot.

o If the team ranks the same in all the leagues they participate then they will qualify from the league that has the most spots available for SASP 3-man Elite

If the leagues have the same number of qualifying spots then it will be decided byrandom draw which league they will represent.

o For teams to be eligible to compete in the 2012 Africa Cup Tag and Brag 3-man Elite division on behalf of the partner league they will need to play at least 80% of the 5 events hosted by the partner league (i.e. a minimum of 4 events)

o Any player who has actively competed in the GPPL in the past 2 years cannot play in the SASP3-man Elite division at the 2012 Africa Cup.

o Any team that has won the SASP 3-man Elite tournament (in any form) in the previous 2 years will not be able to compete in the SASP 3-man Elite division at the 2012 Africa Cup.

As players you will want to be in a position to compete for the amazing prizes that will be on offer, so make sure you play in the leagues that offer you the opportunity to play in the 2012 SASP 3-man Elite division. Make sure you play the BnTPL (Blades and Triggers Paintball League), NPL (Nova Paintball League) and KPPA (Kwazulu Natal Paintball Association).

If you have any questions or comments then please do not hesitate to contact either:

o Philip at philip(at)
o Oliver at oliver(at)

We will be happy to assist you with any queries you have.

Yours in sport

Oliver Werneyer
SASP - Partner

Invites sent out to leagues


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