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SASP Ambassador Program

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SASP Ambassador Program

The SASP is proud to announce that it has officially launched its "SASP Ambassador Program" with the aim that it will include 1 team from each league's division, without limitation. The aim of the SASP and this program is to represent the players' interest and empower them to come up with and make changes to the sport they love and this is the opportunity we would like to give the paintball teams out there. To get this program started we have already chosen one team to become the first SASP Ambassador Team. Congratulations to EspirE, who will be representing the NPL Open Division. They have come to us with a couple of ideas and some good feedback and it was only natural to have them be the first Ambassador team.

How can a team become an ambassador team?
Teams can nominate themselves, be nominated by another team, nominated by a league or invited by SASP. Nominations can be sent at any time to either oliver(at) or philip(at) The SASP will post the name of a team who has been nominated to represent a certain league's division and then there is one week in which other teams can be nominated too. If there is more than one nomination from any 1 division from a league then there will be a voting process. The voting process will be opened by the SASP and will be open for 1 week where anyone can vote for a nominated team. The team with the most votes will be adopted as the SASP ambassador team. Votes for teams will be done on the SASP Facebook page and timelines and rules will be set on there too. Even if SASP invites a team, there will be a 1 week period where other teams can nominate themselves or others. If there is more than 1 team from the any league's division then the same voting rules apply.

Of course, a team can only be an Ambassador team if they want to. If a team is nominated, they need to accept on their team page and on SASP Facebook page and then voting can commence.  A team is an Ambassador team for 1 calendar year, i.e. 1 January to 31 December. A team can qualify for re-nomination every year, there is no limit to the number of successive times a tean can be an ambassador team.

Another requirement is that the team needs to be registered on "".

What does a team get?
The team will get direct access to the SASP and their partners to raise their concerns and ideas. They should also be a contact point for other teams and bring their and other teams' opinions and ideas to the SASP so that we can raise these with their partners and the rest of the industry. The SASP will keep the captains of the Ambassador teams appraised of SASP plans and initiatives to get their input as the players' representatives.

Ambassador teams will also get direct access to the SASP partners, whether retailers, leagues or  any other type of partner. Ambassador teams will also be the first teams to be invited to partake in anything that the SASP or its partners arrange or host. This includes initiatives to grow the sport, special access at events and special representation and promotion through SASP and its partners. The SASP will regularly promote Ambassador teams and their content and will represent the teams with anything that could be to the advantage of the Ambassador team. The SASP cannot guarantee any major sponsorships, only support from the SASP and special consideration from its partners if the team would be looking for something specific.

The SASP also commits to promote teams independent of sponsorships, base field and ranking within their division.

Please spread the word on this and get as many SA teams involved and get the players involved in shaping paintball in South Africa. If you have more questions please feel free to contact us at either oliver(at) or philip(at)

Yours in partnership


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