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Rate My Paintball initiative

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"Rate my Paintball" Initiative

SASP brings you this initiative in partnership with the "Rate my Paintball" initiative and website. South Africa is the first country this is being rolled out to before it is going to be launched into all the other countries. The initiative aims to enable teams to have a presence outside of their own immediate environment, whether they are starting team, up-and-coming teams, non-sponsored teams, etc. Get your team and brand out there and get involved. The great thing is that this is not just for speedball teams, but anyone who wants to put themselves in a position to be noticed and make it easier for themselves to get sonsorships and to help others get sponsorships too.

A word from the owners:

This website was born out of a simple dream: how could we index every paintball team in the world, mislim and speedball alike? Official rankings are league-dependent, and give very little visibility on how big the world of paintball actually is. What teams are popular in South Africa, Greece, Australia? What non-sponsored US team is currently the most popular? What PSP team underperformed at the last event? What popular milsim team could I join in my area?

That's why we decided to create something new, global, with more reach, and more functionality to give simple visibility to and about the paintball community. Of course, it won't happen overnight. On top of that, the paintball world is in constant flux. That's why we needed a simple voting system, to show which teams were active, which ones had momentum, and which ones had disbanded over the years. The best would rise to the top, and overtime, the power of the crowd would correct any sudden and suspicious increases (you can only vote once a day for each team), giving a clear and accurate picture of the most popular teams in each country.

But wait, there's a little extra. What if paintball brands looked at these rankings and helped popular teams by offering gear packages? We've done just that and will start rolling out prizes from our partners in the coming weeks.

So is your team ready for the spotlight? We'd be honored to have you:

1. Click on "add your team" and upload your profile (5 minutes)
2. Profile is checked and approved (24 hours)
3. You get a confirmation email letting you know that your team is now visible
4. Tell your friends and let the voting begin

You can sort by country, brand, popularity, speedball, milsim, or use the searchbox to find a specific team. It's guaranteed exposure, milsim and speedball friendly. It's fun and will always be FREE. If you’re a current user and like this site, help us promote it. Life's more fun when there's a crowd.


Please spread the word on this and get as many SA teams on there and let's show everyone out there that there is awesome paintball to be played here in South Africa.

Yours in partnership


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