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2012 Africa Cup Tag n Brag

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2012 Africa CUP Tag and Brag approaching quickly

The dates are set, 1 and 2 December, we know where it will be (at Blades and Triggers field in Boksburg) and you know you want to play there. Well, I guess you have many questions about how much it will cost, how do I register, etc. The best is to go check the SASP and GPPL FB pages or just check the link to the 2012 Africa Cup FB event. Here you will be able to get all the news.

For international or local teams that are travelling and need some support, please contact us either via email (oliver(at) or philip(at) of via our SASP FB group. Why would you travel all the way to the 2012 Africa Cup (South Africa) to play paintball? Well, that’s easy. It will be summer, hot and sunny. Furthermore, we will be hosting a great tournament here that has the GPPL 5-man Pro, Div 1 and Up division as well as 3-man Elite and 3-man Open division. There are great prizes that will still be announced in the coming weeks and just overall it has a really great vibe.

We are really hoping to welcome you and your team (whether it is a paintball team or a retail team as part of any brands) to the tournament. You will have an amazing time here, paintball and social/holiday and there will be no place better to be than at the Africa Cup in December.

We also offer support in arranging travel and holiday plans if you come through and this offer is not limited only to the players or representatives themselves but also for friends and family that they plan on bringing along. So, if you have any questions and want more detail on the tournament at the end of the year please feel free to contact myself us.

If you want to participate at this event as a sponsor or a retailer and have a stand at the tradeshow (or sponsor prizes) please feel free to contact us to discuss any details. We will be happy to share the tradeshow contract and layout with you and take you through some of the exciting initiatives we have planned to support the players and the retailers at the tradeshow.

You will love South Africa, you will love the vibe at the tournament and you will love the paintballers in South Africa. If you are looking for a great holiday and play some good paintball then Africa Cup 2012 is the place to be. To go to the SASP Facebook group then CLICK HERE and to go to the event Facebook page CLICK HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Feel free to contact us at oliver(at) and philip(at)



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