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SASP 3-man Elite - League, Sponsor and Player note

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Information and requirements for the SASP 3-man Elite


Dear League Owner/Manager, Potential Sponsors and Players

With the 2012 season about to start and the leagues and events set for 2012, we would like to invite you to become an associated league with the SASP. What this is for is so that teams in your league can participate and compete in the 2012 Africa Cup 3-man ELITE division on 1 and 2 December 2012.

Last year’s SASP 3-man ELITE division saw teams from all around South Africa competing to be the top 3-man team in SA. The winner walked away with 20 boxes of paint and some other prizes. The idea of this league is that these are the teams that end the year in the top positions within the leagues and will also be the teams that are committed to participating in the paintball leagues and deserve the support to make the step up to become a more competitive and professional outfit.





The prizes this year will be even bigger with the SASP 3-man ELITE prize pool already at R 54’000. Negotiations will start with interested parties now and as soon as the negotiations are finalised we will publish the specifics. This is a major draw card for your league if you say that your league can send teams to this event. Even more great news for the teams is that the entry into this division is free of charge and by invitation only. They will compete against other teams that have ended top in their respective leagues.

The great news for you as a league owner/manager is that the SASP is not charging anything to become a partner with us for this purpose. We have a set of requirements that we have put together that all partner leagues will need to adhere to in an effort to ensure fair opportunity to be a partner and also rewards for our sponsors. These will not be to the detriment of your leagues other arrangements. A full description of these requirements is set out in the attachment. Please read through that and confirm with us as soon as possible whether you will be looking to become a partner with the SASP.

This is a great way of offering your teams something to play for without having to fork out more money for prizes, it supports you in motivating teams to participate regularly and to have many teams participate (the more teams in the league the more spots the league has at the SASP 3-man ELITE event).



This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in growing the sport of paintball. This division is set up for the 3-man leagues, the source of growth in paintball, to have something to play towards at the end of the year and then take that step up the following year. These are the teams that are up and coming, out there, playing a lot and not brand affiliated yet. This is your opportunity to sell yourself to these teams and get them to be your brand ambassadors.

We are looking for more prizes for the SASP 3-man ELITE for 1 and 2 December 2012. The details of what sponsorship means in this case and what you will get in return for becoming a sponsor is set out in the attached document. There is a description of the levels of sponsorship we are looking for and what you will get in return for becoming a sponsor of the SASP 3-man ELITE event at the 2012 Africa Cup on 1 and 2 December. The SASP will not charge anything for you to become a sponsor. Everything you sponsor will go to the players.

We would like to first get an overview of what sponsors are willing to contribute and how we maximise the return for the brands through the sponsorships. These discussion will happen with all interested and committed parties in the upcoming weeks so that we can ensure all parties (brand, retailer, league, teams, players) will be happy with the setup and arrangements.

Let us know as soon as possible whether you want to be a sponsor so that you can reap maximum rewards from this. Any brand welcome, no restrictions.


We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Feel free to contact us at oliver(at) and philip(at)


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