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SASP Paintball Calendar - 2012 Season

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The new SASP Paintball Calendar for the 2012 Season

SASP started an initiative late in 2011 to create an events calendar for the upcoming speedball season, 2012. The aim was not only to put together a calendar with the event dates and leagues in but also try and assess early whether there would be any clashes. As an independent group we were able to advise leagues where ther were clashes and resolved those instances (luckily there were not many clashes to start with). This will ensure that the speedball player in South Africa will be able to maximise his time in playing events and also effectively plan the year's paintball.



Feel free to share the calendar, print it and put it up and also give us feedback. Date changes, venue changes, etc. If you are a league and want your league to appear on the calendar please feel free to send the details to oliver(at) or philip(at) and we will gladly add you to it.


Good luck for the season and we hope you play a lot of events.


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