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What happened this weekend in paintball 2 - 3 July

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I would dare say that last weekend was a more chilled weekend of paintball action but that would not be true. Yes, there might have only been 3 major events in Millennium Campaign Cup (UK), Paintball City 3-man B-Division (South Africa) and MechWars (South Africa) but that would only by number of events. There was action galore across the events.


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Millennium – Campaign Cup (Basildon, UK)

What a crazy weekend of Millennium paintball. Not only was it Campaign Cup time, nooooo, that is too little paintball, but also the EPBF Nations Cup. So let us start with the competition that had finished first.

EPBF Nations Cup

16 European nations fought for the title and produced some spectacular games and fantastic spectator participation, particularly from the French nationals present. One quickly realised how many French teams and supporters were at this event when it was time to sing the national anthem. There were lots of them and they sang their lungs out. If you want to see what we mean, just click here for a video of them signing.

Unfortunately the French could not make it all the way to the final and reward their fans for their support. They made it to the Semi Finals where they were knocked out by Latvia and went on to loose to Russia in the play-off for third place. The tournament was won by Great Britain with a dominant display of paintball in the final, securing them first place.

We would also like to congratulate the EPBF and all the national federations involved in organising this competition which produced the very best atmosphere ever seen in paintball. With national anthems played prior to the matches the crowd really got behind their team, filling all available space with enthusiastic and good natured displays of national pride.

Millennium will be hosting the EPBF European Championships U19 - Youth Cup in Paris in October where we fully expect to see similar scenes.

The full results for the Nations Cup were as follows.

    1.  Great Britain
    2.  Latvia
    3.  Russia
    4.  France
    5.  Portugal
    6.  Denmark
    7.  Ukraine
    8.  Netherlands
    9.  Germany
    10.  Norway
    11.  Sweden
    12.  Belgium
    13.  Poland
    14.  Greece
    15.  Switzerland
    16.  Italy?


Millennium Campaign Cup

So, you have 144 teams across the divisions. What else do you expect other than awesome paintball.

On the local front the two South African teams that were at the event were Dynamix and Dynamix Bomb Squad. After impressive displays on the field on Friday and Saturday both teams earned themselves spots in the Sunday Club. They played really well but unfortunately both teams lost their first games on the Sunday.

Dynamix were unlucky in that two games were lost to false starts (interference noise from adjacent fields) and it was tough to come back to that. The game was closed out on a somewhat controversial note but details are not important. The Dynamix team conducted themselves admirably, which cannot be said for the other team.

Dynamix Bomb Squad played really hard but in the end it was not going to be. Dynamix and Dynamix achieved a 5th and 7th place respectively in Division two. Well done guys.

In the rest of the tournament we saw the strong showing of UK teams (which translated into their strong showing in the EPBF European Cup. Nexus achieved second place in CPL, loosing to ART Chaos in the final, Birmingham Disruption achieved victory in the SPL final against Ugly Ducklings Odense, Manchester Firm won the Div 1 against Hulk Kiev and Manchester Firm 2 ranked 3rd in Div 2.

The most surprising game of the day was the London Nexus versus San Diego Dynasty semi final which Nexus won 5-0. That was totally unexpected but Nexus totally deserved the victory and their second place.

To get a complete list of results just click on the division name:



Division 1

Division 2

 Division 3

To get more information on the events please visit their website or just Click Here. Also see their Facebook page and become a fan so that you are up to date of what is happening in this league by CLICKING HERE.


Paintball City 3-man B-Division (Germiston, South Africa)

The weekend saw the 6th edition of the 3-man B-Division paintball event at Paintball City. Here is the low-down of the event written by Chris Birch from Paintball City:

Saterday 2nd July saw the 6th Airball event for our FREE u/15 3 man Junior League. Our two regular participating teams, Mini-Reaper and Mighty Men missed this event giving some of the newer teams a chance at victory.

With most of the players making their way out the bush to come try their hand at Airball made for some interesting play which shocked the avid airball juniors aswell as the marshals with their Run-throughs and snake play action. The Airball event is open to all players, Bush and Airball fanatics, under 15 yrs old and its FREE.

Top 3 Positions:

1st - Team Monsters

2nd - Team Mafiosas

3rd - Camo Cowboys     

Well done to all the teams, players and their support crew (the parents). Next Airball event is on Saterday August 6th starting at 12:00 lunch. 

To get more information on the events please visit their website or just Click Here


Upcoming Events

This upcoming weekend we will see paintball action in the Philippines for the PALS event and in Germany for the DPL 3rd Bundesliga. Unfortunately the South African speedballers will have to sit this weekend out from tournaments and just practice.


DPL 3rd Bundesliga (Germany)

To get more information on the events please visit their website or just Click Here. Also see their Facebook page and become a fan so that you are up to date of what is happening in this league by clicking here.


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