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Becoming a partner of SASP

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There are many ways in which the SASP is willining and looking to partner with you. We stand for growing the sport and providing the information to the paintball players as they need it, accurately, and from a central location. So, what does that mean for you?


If you are a league or a tournament:

Leagues and tournaments can advertise for free on this website.

If you just want to upload your events into the calendar (if they are not already there) or you want to send updates for your events in the calendar, please email the information to us. When working with the calendar and uploading information we will need the following minimum information:

  • Event Name(s)
  • Event date(s)
  • Event edition (i.e. one off or is it Event 1 in a series of 5)
  • Event or league logo
  • Venue name and full address
  • Venue logo and website address
  • Some information to put in the body of content

We welcome any league from anywhere in the world to load their information into our calendar. If you send us the information, we will post it.


If you are a Retailer or a brand:

Retailers and brands can advertise for free, for now. All we need from you to put you up on our website is:

  • Your logo
  • Link to where the logo should lead

If, and when, we should start charging for brands and retailers to put their logos on our website it will be when there are sufficient users to justify  cost to the brands and retailers. We will inform them well in advance of costs and the date from which we will charge to give them an opportunity to assess whether they want to continue advertising on our website or not. But for now, it is free.


If you are a magazine or another paintball website:

We welcome any and all websites and magazines to partner with us. Please send us your logo and the link that it should link to. Preferably we would like to have an RSS feed from you to our website and we will link these back to you so that we can send traffic your way. To get your magazine or website onto our website does not cost anything.


The next step for you to get you event, tournament, shop or brand onto our website is to go to the Contact Us section and get our email addresses there and send us any information or questions you have. We look forward to partnering with you.

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