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Get all the event information here

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We have taken quite a while to design the new features on and optimise this website in such a way that combines all the important aspects of a paintballing website. We have tried to keep things managable, clean and user friendly. One of the main things we are focussing on is the paintball events calendar. 

In our EVENTS CALENDAR we have started compiling all the dates from the paintball leagues and competitions around the world we could find information on. In our calendar you will find the dates and tournament info for the following events:

From South Africa:

  • Gauteng Professional Paintball League (GPPL)
  • Southern Paintball League (SPL)
  • Kwazulu Natal Paintball League (KPPL)
  • The South African Regional Paintball League (The SA RPL)
  • Paintball CIty 3-man (PBC 3-man)
  • Paintball City Bush League (PBC Bush League)
  • Wolwe Bos (Wolwebos 3-man League)

From the world:

  • PSP (USA)
  • The RPL (USA)
  • NPPL (USA)
  • Millennium (Europe)
  • DPL (Germany)
  • MPOC (Malaysia)
  • Super 7 Series (Australia)

These are by no means the only leagues that are out there and we would like to encourage you to send us the information we will need to put your league, competition or tournament on our calendar. Please go to the "Contact Us" section to submit the information. We are still looking for information about the leagues, tournaments and competition in countries like:

  • UK
  • France
  • Brazil

If your league is not on here, make sure you send the information to us to get it on here now.

We will be working hard to give you a truly international events calendar that you can trust and is updated. Use it as your source for tournamnet info and tell your friends about this site and where to get all their information from.

The events are also divided into various manageable categories to help you through the various tournaments offered all aroud the world. We currently classify all non-SA tournaments as international but if you would like us to split that up by country please let us know.

Also feel free to start using our FORUM. There are no commercial restriction on this forum so you can chat about any brand, shop or piece of gear that you want to without being moderated.

Also check out the Planet Eclipse, DYE and DPL sections for the latest information.


To make sure you are part of this great site please register so that you will be able to use all the features that are and will be offered by this website. We look forward to becoming the paintball information source of choice for you.

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