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We need some serious Passion for Paintball.

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We Need Some Serious passion for paintball

The year 2010 has seen South Africa show the world that “Yes, we can!”. We had soccer fans from all nations in a frenzy about soccer. What should be realised is that it is what lies underneath the supporter’s shirt and what they wear on their sleeves that makes their support so powerful, and that is the passion for their team, sport and country that they get to express. This is equally as important for our sport, paintball, now as ever before.

The previous years have seen the sport mature, not only in South Africa but all over the world. From a young vibrant “brat”, having no fear, no rules and the world in front of it, to a competitive and intense “teenager” who was motivated but too gullible, ignored the whims of the world regarding its ambitions, and now trough to the current middle aged boring and cynical, somewhat bankrupt, adult just living on what it can from day to day.

This sport is currently held together by only the passionate, the ones who love this sport more than any other. They will stand in full gear in the house to practice for the upcoming Sunday and they will play that day at full throttle with their gat in one hand and heart in the other. These people are not just weekend warriors, they are something way more, not just pro's, no, they are Paintballers. I am more than proud to be called one myself. People have been blaming the economy the past few years for the woes of the sport but if you really wanted to continue to play the sport you love, you would make a plan, whether it be coaching players or teams or finding some way to help out in the community. Where there is a will there is definitely a way.

Let's stop complaining about what past problems and issues and start concentrating on the future.

The big question is that what can we do to make paintball what we know it should/can be and then go one step further and make it even greater? What do we need to do to celebrate a 100th cap with the whole country? What have you done recently to contribute to a brighter future for paintball?

Let us focus on getting a larger player base and get the spectators involved. Paintball is not the conventional spectator sport but it offers way more, so let's get people to take notice.

Do you have paintball magazines lying around at your house collecting dust? If you have read through it, why don't you take it to waiting rooms that you visit, like doctors, dentists and so forth? Don't tell me you haven't been on time for your appointment but made to wait? And yes, you did pick up the Fairlady to look at the pictures.

What about bringing a new player to your local field on a Sunday? Every Sunday, convince a friend to come to your local field to play paintball in general.

There are so many ways we could inspire young talent in South Africa, we must just make an effort.

The local fields and shops have been more than supportive, they are willing to help you, just speak to them, communication is key.

Let's find some way to invoke the passion and desire within young guns,

9-11year olds, and motivate those players to get involved in the sport. We need to breed young players into top performing teams to compete internationally, we must stop our pathetic political battles and grudges and realise we have the same goal and that the enemies are not here in South Africa, but across the border!

We stand united as one country, so let's stand united for the love of the sport.

If you have any opinions or you just want to be heard, please be open in the forums. It is the only place where everyone has access to your views. The only time your comments and opinions matter is when someone can hear them.

Remember, this sport is back on the rise, let's push it up further and higher than it ever before. 



The SASP has a forum that it will be keeping a very close eye on. Make sure you are open and respectable in publishing your views so that the SASP and others can hear you and make a difference.

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