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The SASP – The journey to better paintball in South Africa

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The SASP was founded out of a group of avid paintball players that, for the last 10 months, have been meeting regularly and tried to work out what some of the major problems are that prohibit paintball from growing to its full potential in South Africa. These founding members are Philip Uys, Bradley van der Westhuizen, Andrew Lockett, Walton Martin, James Chen and Oliver Werneyer.

Over these months we have had various discussions with retailers, leagues and tournament organizers and the paintball players themselves. We have been monitoring the forums and taken notice of personal observations about the country’s state of paintball. It was then up to us to formulate an action plan as to what we want to help improve in the country’s paintball industry. What was very important to us, and which we made very clear to all stakeholders in the industry, is that we have no intention of being competition to anyone, replace any leagues or try and shut down anybody. SASP will stand for growth and success in the paintball industry. It is our intention to assist all of those that ascribe to our ambitions in any way possible and to such an extent that it is to the advantage to the industry and, most importantly, to the players themselves.

In an attempt to ensure that we never lose sight of our intention we have formulated a vision for the SASP. The vision says “The SASP exists to promote and grow all genres of sport in a way that will be to the advantage of all the active players. It is a neutral entity that will be financially and economically sustainable in order to serve the interest and wellbeing of a specific sport community.”.


We want everyone to know what this vision is as we will be conducting our efforts and make our decisions with this vision in mind. We want tournaments and leagues to know that we will only assist should we feel the vision is met. Most important to us is that the paintball players in South Africa will look to the SASP to entrench this vision in the paintball community and that they judge our efforts and intentions against this vision. When we stray or we do not deliver on our vision, we want to know so from the paintball community. We want to give the paintball players in South Africa the power to affect change in a significant way.

Over the coming months the SASP will prove its value to the paintball community in this country to retailers, leagues, tournaments and players alike. We will also look at paintball in all of South Africa and not just in isolated parts of South Africa and also promote all genres of paintball. We have many exciting things planned for South African paintball and we are hoping that the paintball community of this country will support the SASP in its efforts to grow the paintball sport to new heights, in all areas of South Africa.

Please keep an eye out for the SASP at various of the upcoming paintball events. Our first big event will be the SASP Tag and Brag event that will have a total prize pot of about R 82 000 across the 5-man and 3-man tournaments. Please see the “Events” section of this website for more details on this and other events that the SASP will be involved in for later this year.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want the SASP to get involved with your field, team, event or product, please see the "Contact Us" section on how to get hold of us. Anything paintball related we will try and assist you with. 

We are looking forward to an exciting end to 2010 and an action filled 2011 that will take paintball to new heights for everyone.

Yours in Sport

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